This Earth Will Always Turn [Hetalia One-shots]

This Earth will always turn for us, creating memories and stories that will be passed down for years to come.

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1. Pasta [GerIta/GermanyxItaly]

A/N:FIRST ONE SHOT IN FOREVER~YAY~*starts singing For the First Time in Forever. Is smacked by like a thousand people*. Yeah... So, anyway, this one shot is inspired by Vertigo by Jason Derulo feat. Jordan Sparks. For those of you who do not know that song, it's pretty sexual. For this occasion, this one-shot will be somewhat sexual. NO ACTUAL SEX, GUIS. LET ME MAKE THAT CLEAR. But close to it. Much making out. Very caress. Such blush. Wow. Yaoi.
I'm using their human names. I use human names a lot. You guys can request things, by the way. Like, ReaderxCountry, CountryxCountry. Stuff like that. Also, if it's something like Male!ReaderxCountry, Readerx2p!Country, 2p!CountryxCountry, etc., I'll do it. I love that kinda stuffs~ It's fun~. Although, I'm not exactly sure about doing smut yet...Anyway, ENJOY BECAUSE I RAMBLE ON FOREVER. (omg such a long A/N.)



      Feliciano approached the tall German in front of him and wrapped his arms around his waist, smirking slightly. "Luddy~. Can't that-a wait 'til-a later? Please? I wanna have some-a fun~." The German, Ludwig, felt his face flush at the smaller Italian man's words. He felt Feliciano leaning against him, pressing his face against Ludwig's muscled back, breathing softly. The warmth of Feliciano's breath sent shivers down his spine. 

      "Feli... I zhought you said you vere hungry?" Ludwig turned slightly toward him and regretted the decision. Feliciano was smirking broadly. "Well, yeah. I'm-a hungry. Just-a not for-a food~." Ludwig gulped, his Adam's apple bobbing; he was internally resisting the urge to pin Feliciano against the kitchen counter right then and there. "Feli. Let me finish making zhe food." Feliciano pouted. 

      "You're-a no fun!" The Italian stalked off to the dinner table to await the food. Ludwig sighed in relief when Feliciano left. A certain...problem had arisen while Feliciano had been pressing against him. Ludwig could only hope it would go away. Had Feliciano stayed pressed again him any longer, Ludwig might have--

     "Hurry up, Luddy! I need-a food!" Feliciano's entire demeanor had changed from a sexy, seductive attitude to the attitude of a whiny child, the latter being part of his normal personality. Ludwig rolled his eyes. "One minute, Feli!" He heard the Italian whine. "But I want-a pasta now!" The German growled. "A moment more und you'll get it! Be patient!" Feliciano whimpered but said nothing more.

    The pasta was finally done after another couple minutes. Ludwig mixed the pasta and the sauce and brought the bowl full of food to the table, setting it down gently. "Don't eat too much. Carbohydrates are bad for you." Feliciano shrugged Ludwig's usual warning off and dumped a gigantic portion of the pasta onto his plate. Ludwig watched him and sighed, plopping a smaller portion down onto his own plate. That Italian never listens to a word I say, Ludwig thought, resisting the urge to growl angrily at Feliciano. The two ate together in silence, Feliciano wolfing down most of the pasta in record time. 

    Ludwig finished soon after, taking the plates, bowl, and silverware to the sink. Feliciano watched him, sitting on the kitchen counter, veh'ing softly. Ludwig raised an eyebrow. Without turning around, he said, "Vhat exactly are you doing?" Feliciano shrugged. "I'm-a bored. You're-a interesting to-a watch." Ludwig continued to wash dishes and listen to Feliciano's little noises.

    After a while, the sound got to him. He bit his lip to keep from yelling, mentally plotting a way to shut Feliciano up. Finally, he finished washing the dishes, as well as drying them. Feliciano was, of course, zoned out by then. Ludwig smirked. At least that aspect of his plan wouldn't need anymore waiting. Discreetly, Ludwig tiptoed over to Feliciano.

    A current portrait of our favorite Italian: Feliciano was sitting on top of the kitchen counter, his legs spread and swinging side to side. His hands were on either side of him, holding him up. He was looking up at the ceiling, humming 'veh, veh, veh~' to himself all the while. He was completely unaware of Ludwig, who had positioned himself to stand directly between Feliciano's legs. 

   As soon as he realized someone was in front of him, Feliciano snapped out of his trance. He looked down, directly into Ludwig's eyes. His cheeks reddened slightly. "O-Oh, ciao, Ludwig!" He said nervously. "What exactly are you-a doing?" Ludwig smirked and leaned forward. "Feliciano Vargas, if you do not stop making zhat ungodly noise, I vill be forced to silence you." Feliciano gulped. "E-Eh?" Ludwig's smirk widened. 

    "You heard me." Feliciano squeaked, making a little, 'veh', sound. Ludwig growled. He positioned his hands on either side of Feliciano's legs. Feliciano felt his cheeks redden further. "I-I didn't mean t-that-a. V-Ve-" He clapped his own hands over his mouth. But it was too late. Ludwig was leaning in closer, his right hand tracing up Feliciano's side. Every disk in Feliciano's spine shook. "L-Luddy?" Ludwig continued upward, tracing his index finger up Feliciano's neck, past his cheek, gently, all the way until he got close to Feliciano's curl.

    Quickly, so that Feliciano would be unable to stop him, he tugged on the curl. Feliciano's face turned redder than a tomato, and a soft, breathy moan pushed past his lips, his hands, unable to stop noise from escaping him. He arched his back slightly, leaning into Ludwig's tall frame, closing his eyes. Ludwig came closer to Feliciano's face.

    "Vhat vas it you said earlier, Feli? About being hungry? Alzhough you veren't hungry for food? Because I zhink I understand, now~. In fact, I zhink I'm ravenous." Feliciano was breathing heavily, the adrenalin from the pleasure Ludwig had caused coursing through him. Feliciano looked at Ludwig and saw that the normal, sky blue color that inhabited Ludwig's eyes had been darkened by lust. Feliciano gave in, then. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against Ludwig's. 

    Ludwig was surprised by Feliciano's forwardness, but quickly took over the kiss. Feliciano wrapped his arms around Ludwig's neck, pulling the German closer. Their kisses grew more passionate by the second. Their jaws worked quickly, their lips pushing together, pulling back, pushing together. Ludwig coaxed Feliciano's mouth open with a gentle tug of his curl. Feliciano's soft moans were music to his ears.

    He inserted his tongue into Feliciano's mouth, exploring as well as fighting Feliciano for dominance of the kiss. Eventually, Ludwig won dominance once more. After a while, Ludwig broke the kiss and gently kissed his way down to Feliciano's jaw line. He kissed across his jaw line, sucking at certain spots of skin and earning the small moans that bubbled past Feliciano's lips. 

   He kissed down from his jaw line to his neck, nipping at areas of skin. One such area provoked a sharp inhalation from Feliciano, as well as an attempt to hold a loud moan in the back of his throat. The sound created by this attempt was animalistic and made Ludwig chuckle. "I found a veak spot, zhen, did I?" 

   Feliciano said nothing, biting his lip to keep from moaning further. This did not work, as the next time Ludwig sucked at that spot, Feliciano could not hold back his moan. Ludwig smirked and worked his way down, kissing to the base of Feliciano's neck.

   Feliciano, meanwhile, began to unbutton Ludwig's shirt quickly, throwing it into a random corner of the kitchen once the buttons had been undone and the shirt had been practically torn off Ludwig's frame. He slid his hands down Ludwig's chest, across his stomach, to the edge of Ludwig's pants. 

   He traced the edge of Ludwig's pants with his index finger. He felt Ludwig shiver and heard him moan ever so softly. Feliciano smirked as he noticed a lump in a certain area of Ludwig's pants. Ludwig seemed a bit embarrassed about his rather large issue, located in his southern regions. Feliciano himself had the same issue and noticed it then. Both men watched each other for a moment before nodding in an unspoken decision. 

   Ludwig picked Feliciano up, bridal style. "Let's go take care of our problems zhen, shall ve?" Feliciano nodded, lust having darkened his own amber colored eyes. "Si, let's~." And off to the bedroom they went, to complete the action that had begun so suddenly after an innocent meal of pasta.        

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