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This Earth will always turn for us, creating memories and stories that will be passed down for years to come.

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3. Million Dollar Man [Singer!ReaderxBartender!Canada]

A/N: I wrote this forever ago. I apologize in advance. You'll see. Reader-insert thingy. (for those of you without prior knowledge of what a read insert is: When you see _________, pretend your name is there.)  Inspired by Million Dollar Man by Lana Del Rey! I PROMISE! ONE OF THE REQUESTED ONES IS COMING OUT SOON. LIKE. IN A DAY. HOPEFULLY. Human names used! Enjoy! 



Mathew entered the bar and immediately coughed, nearly hacking a lung up. Smoke from men’s dirty brown cigars hung thick and heavy in the air, creating a curtain that seemed to float in the middle of the room.

He hated places like these.

He had to be here, though, because from now on, this was his job. He was a bartender at Ivan’s Show Club, a cheap way for men to entertain themselves when they had nothing better to do. Sure, there weren’t any strippers, (Mathew thanked the heavens for that, because, although he was male and therefore supposed to enjoy those types of things, he found the actual sight of strippers a bit nauseating), but the men with their smelly cigars and disgusting smirks flocked to the place, considering that it was the only ‘good’ bar in town.

Was he late? He wasn’t quite sure. He thought he might arrive before any men showed up. Maybe he’d even have time to orient himself, get acquainted to the place and make sure he knew what was going on.

There was no chance of that, though. As soon as he walked in, his idiot older brother, Alfred, whom he loved very much although he annoyed him slightly, spotted him and dragged him behind the bar. “Nice ta see ya, dude! I’m so glad you took this job!” Alfred leaned over and whispered loudly, due to the amount of noise in the place, “The guys in here are animals, if you know what I mean.”

Mathew threw up a little in his mouth, but swallowed it, cringing.  They were being such pigs! “Just give ‘em whatever they ask for, Mattie.” Alfred smiled and gave him a hard clap on the back. Mathew winced. “You’ll get used to it!”

But Mathew wasn’t sure he ever would. A tall, scary looking man walked up to the area of the bar he was at. The man’s eyes were violet and glowed in the dim lighting. His hair seemed white, like snow. He wore a scarf even though it was midsummer. “Vodka, please,” The man’s voice was heavily accented. Russian, Mathew realized.


“C-Coming right up, sir!” He said. He grabbed a bottle of vodka and poured a bit into a shot glass. “Here y-you go.” Mathew tentatively pushed the shot glass in front of the man. Instead of drinking from the glass, however, the man grabbed the vodka bottle, which Mathew was still holding, and chugged it.

Mathew stared at him, half horrified, half amazed. Alfred leaned over to him and whispered, “That’s Ivan. The owner.” Mathew paled slightly and nodded. That sort of made sense. “A-Anything else, s-sir?” The Russian nodded. “Da. Stop stuttering. It sounds cowardly.” Mathew bit his tongue and nodded.

“I’ll try, sir.” His words were shaky, but he didn’t stutter. Ivan sighed and rolled his eyes. “You will give me another bottle, da?” Mathew nodded quickly and obliged. Ivan took the bottle, got up, and went somewhere else much to Mathew’s relief.

“Doesn’t he give you the creeps?” An unfamiliar voice directly behind him whispering into his ear made Mathew jump about three feet from the current heart attack he was having.  “W-What?” Mathew turned to the voice and saw, of all people, a girl. “W-Who are you?”

She rolled her eyes. “I could be asking you the same thing.” She was quite beautiful, Mathew realized. With her long, sleek hair, glowing in the dimness. And those eyes. They seemed to peer directly into his soul. Even in the dimness, her curves were apparent. She was intoxicating.

She seemed to be the only girl who could ever wear a T-shirt and jeans and looked down right sexy.

“I’m _________.” Mathew noticed her extended hand and shook it. “I’m Mathew, Alfred’s brother.” She smiled. “Oh, so you’re the new guy! Alfred talks a lot about you. Although he never mentioned you were such a cutie…” She bit her lip slightly, still smiling but almost shyly.

Mathew felt his cheeks warm at her words. She smiled a bit wider. “Anyway, I’ve gotta go. See ya later, cutie!” She disappeared into the dimness, going somewhere into the employee rooms of the building. Alfred turned to his bewildered brother and winked, smirking.

“That’s _________, as she probably told you. She’s pretty important around here.” Mathew raised an eyebrow but asked no questions. Instead, he continued his job. He served a trio of drunken idiots, which consisted of a perverted Frenchman, a flirty Spaniard, and an egocentric, albino German. He also served the brother of the egocentric albino, a blond haired, blue eyed man who seemed to want to leave the place as soon as he could.

When Mathew asked him why he was there, the man sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “Mein idiot bruder,” He jerked his head at the albino, who was drunkenly flirting with a couple women, who had, by some miracle, found their way into the bar.

“He made me the designated driver. Honestly, at least it’s not like the last time.” Mathew raised an eyebrow, giving him the beer he’d asked for. “Shouldn’t you be staying sober, then?” The man shrugged. “This is sober, for me. I normally drink around ten beers before feeling tipsy.” Mathew’s eye widened.

“Wow.” The man nodded. “What happened with your brother last time, anyway?” The man sighed. “Last time, he was at some house party and called me to come get him. When I did, I found him stumbling around, a bunch of beer cans glued together, like a sword. All those beers were then glued to his hand. When he saw me, he laughed, knighted me his designated drive with his ‘beer sword’ and passed out. I had to drag the dumkopf to the car and drive him home.”

Mathew couldn’t help but chuckle. Neither could the man. “And the next morning, he didn’t even know why the sword was glued to his hand. He didn’t even know what it was.” Mathew laughed a little harder. “Sounds like a grade ‘A’ idiot.” The man nodded, smiling slightly.

Their conversation continued. Mathew learned the man’s name was Ludwig and he had a wimpy Italian for a best friend and a level headed, quiet Japanese man for a friend, (more of an acquaintance, Ludwig confided). His brother was actually older than him, but far more immature.

Mathew served others as he and Ludwig spoke. Everyone froze a few minutes later, however, when the announcement was made that the shows would be starting. The men rushed to the stage. Mathew looked at his watch. “I’ve already been here for two hours?” He mumbled to himself.

Ludwig nudged his shoulder, making him pay attention to what was in front of him. “What is it?” Mathew asked, looking up. Ludwig smiled slightly and nodded toward the stage, which Mathew hadn’t really been able to see earlier, due to all the smoke.

But now, the stage was brightly lit. Red curtains, slightly grayed with age at the edges, covered the first performer. The conversation had dulled to a slight hum and everyone waited. The music started, gently and somehow loudly all at once.

The curtains rose and there were wolf whistles. In tune to the music, a girl wearing a fedora walked out onto the stage and up to the lonely, old time-y microphone. The fedora covered most of her face, so Mathew could hardly see who she was.

She wore a scarlet dress that sparkled in the lights. It flowed all the way down to the stage and part of it dragged behind her when she walked. The dress was strapless and showed just enough cleavage to make the male mind fantasize about what lay beneath the crimson fabric. Her lips were bright red under the strong lights.

She began to sing, and Mathew wondered how such a girl could sing like that.

“You said I was… The most exotic flower. Holdin’ me tight… In our final hour..! I don’t know how you… convince them, and get them, but… I don’t know what you do… It’s unbelievable. And I don’t know how you… Get over, get over… Someone as dangerous, tainted, and flawed as you...”

Mathew was hypnotized. Her movements flowed beautifully as she swayed to the music. Mathew’s only thought was, Beautiful.

“One for the money! Two for the show! I love you, honey! I’m ready, I’m ready to go! How did you get that way? I dunno… You’re screwed up and brilliant, look like a million dollar man… So why is my heart broke?”

Why was her heart broke? Shouldn’t the men in the crowd be asking that question? They looked like love-sick puppies, for God’s sake! And now, Mathew was joining them, not really even realizing it.

“You got the world… But baby at what price? Something so strange… Hard to define! It isn’t that hard boy… To like you, or love you… I’d follow you down, down, down… You’re unbelievable. If you’re going crazy, just grab me, and take me… I’d follow you down, down, down… Anywhere, Anywhere..!”

  Mathew, honestly, at that moment, without even knowing her name, would follow her anywhere. He really did just want to grab her and take her. Now he understood the animalistic nature of the men closer to the stage, who were whistling and calling at her. She winked at them and Mathew felt a pang of jealousy.

“One for the money! Two for the show! I love you honey! I’m ready, I’m ready to go! How did you get that way? I dunno… You’re screwed up and brilliant, look like a million dollar man… So why is my heart broke?”

At that moment, as she was singing, she flung the fedora off her head. The men howled and grabbed for it as it flew. Mathew’s eyes widened. He wouldn’t have recognized her unless he had seen her eyes. And he had.

It was _________.

He almost leaped over the bar and flung himself at her at the moment. Somehow, he managed to hold himself back. 

“One for the money! Two for the show! I love you, honey! I’m ready, I’m ready to go! How did you get that way? I dunno… You’re screwed up and brilliant, look like a million dollar man… So why is my heart broke?”

 Hoots and hollers filled the air. She smirked and seemed to be staring directly at Mathew as she sang the last part of the song.

“I don’t know…You’re screwed up and brilliant, look like a million dollar man. So why is my heart broke?”

She winked at him just as the music ended. Mathew turned bright red, crossed his arms on the counter and buried his face in them. He hardly worried at all about his glasses getting smudged. Before burying his head, he had seen the wink and the smirk she had thrown his way.

Ludwig noticed his position and turned to him, his face still calm and hardly fazed. “Are you alright?” Mathew nodded. “Why are you hiding, then?” Mathew lifted his face slightly. His glasses were crooked but a goofy grin was plastered across his face.

“She was looking right at me.” Ludwig raised an eyebrow. “What? She doesn’t know you… right? I mean, you are new here.” Mathew shook his head. “I just met her, about ten minutes before I met you.” Ludwig raised his eyebrows but shrugged.

“Well, then.” He said nothing more on the subject and got up, stretching. “Leaving already?” Mathew asked. His face was still red, although he was standing up straight now. “Ja. Bruder said to drag him home after ________ preformed.”

Mathew nodded and bid him goodbye. Ludwig promised to come back the next day. Alfred gave him a tray with a of couple drinks on it. “Go backstage. There are more girls performing, but right now, _________’s on break.” Alfred winked. “And I know how much you want to see her.”

Mathew’s blush returned as he frowned. “S-Shut up, Alfred.” Alfred simply chuckled and went back to work. Mathew went backstage with the tray. It was a labyrinth of rooms back there, so he was a bit confused until someone finally pointed him to ________’s dressing room.

Mathew knocked on her door. “Who is it?” She called out in a sing-song voice. Mathew bit his lip. “I-I’ve got your drinks..?” He heard her chuckle. “Come in!” He pushed the door opened and walked in. He bit his lip harder, tasting the metallic tang of blood. She was sitting in a robe, eating grapes. She pushed the current grape that was in her fingers past her lips and smirked. “Hello, cutie. Enjoy the show?”

He felt his cheeks redden furiously. A little bit more, and the heat might kill him. “M-Maybe.” She laughed and gestured for him to put the tray down. “I see Alfie remembered to send the drinks this time.” Something about the way she said ‘Alfie’ made Mathew want to storm back out and punch his brother in the face.

She studied his expression and smirked wider. “Oh! Is somebody jealous of Alfie?”   Mathew shook his head vigorously, holding back a frown. “N-N-No! W-Why would I be?” She got up and walked up close to him. She wrapped her arms around his neck. Mathew’s mouth was suddenly dry.

“You are, aren’t you? Is it because of my cute little nickname for him?” Mathew gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing. He shrugged. “M-Maybe.” She smirked wider and jabbed him in the chest with her index finger triumphantly. “So you are jealous!” She leaned in closer to him, her breath fanning out over his lips. He shrugged and squirmed.

“Are you uncomfortable with me being this close?” He shook his head. “N-Not e-exactly…”

“Then hold still, will you?” He did as she asked and stood still. She smirked and leaned in close to his ear. She whispered seductively, “You really are adorable. No wonder Alfred’s always talking about how you and I should meet.”

Mathew gulped again. Did Alfred really say that?

 “O-Oh?” She nodded and nipped at his ear lobe. “Mhm…” She kissed below his ear, then across his cheek, then to the corner of his mouth. She was teasing him endlessly and he was going insane.

Unconsciously, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her slightly closer. She moved her lips over his, her words spoken by his lips without any sound. “Alfred was so right about you.” She murmured. He couldn’t take it anymore. He pressed his lips roughly against hers and kissed her.

She smirked and kissed him back, just as roughly. Mathew wondered how she could sing about her heart being broken when really, she was the one breaking everyone else’s hearts. They broke off after a few more moments. “Having you work here’s going to be so much fun!” She said with a smirk. She pecked his lips again.

Mathew couldn’t agree more.


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