This Earth Will Always Turn [Hetalia One-shots]

This Earth will always turn for us, creating memories and stories that will be passed down for years to come.

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4. Heat Haze [PrussiaxReader]

A/N: This is for the darling, the grand, the fantastic, the fantabulous; Ninzaki! First requester I've had! Here ya go, dear~. I'm sorry it took a thousand years to write, but I just yesterday got inspired. Anybody know about the Kagerou Project? Or Mekakucity Actors? No? Sigh... Anyway, this is inspired by the song, Kagerou Days! Beware, there's gonna be blood and some gore. If you don't really understand what's going on, I suggest you look up JubyPhonic's Piano Cover of Kagerou Days. It's really good! HUMAN NAMES ARE USED. 



        It was August 15th at twelve thirty noon when the first incident happened. Gilbert had just arrived at the local park, his hand cupped over his eyes, attempting to see despite the blinding, scorching heat of the summer day. The sky was bright blue, cloudless, gorgeous; it would have been perfect if it hadn't been so damn hot. Gilbert mentally cursed the sun, his eyes scanning the area in search of the one person who meant the world to him. 

     He smiled as he saw her, sitting on a bench. "________!" The girl turned her head towards him. In her lap was an unfamiliar black cat. The cat's tail swished back and forth, it's oddly red eyes glaring at Gilbert. Gilbert's own crimson eyes studied the creature warily. 

      ________ laughed. "Get along, you two!" She giggled, offering no explanation for the creature. Gilbert chuckled uneasily. "I'll try, ______." She smiled and nodded. Her smiled quickly disappeared however, as she wiped a bead of sticky sweat off of her forehead. She sighed. "I don't really like the summer time," she murmured, her right hand slowly stroking the cat's fur from his ears to his tail.

   The cat purred. Something about the words she said made Gilbert's stomach sink. "Vhy?" She shrugged. "Reasons." Again, silence filled the air. Suddenly, the onyx colored cat jumped from _______'s arms and ran away. _______ gasped. "Oh no!" She jumped up and ran after the cat, following it straight out of the park.

   Gilbert sighed and rose. He, too, joined in the chase for the cat. The cat ran into the street just outside the park and sat in the center of the street, as there was no oncoming traffic at that time. It yawned and swayed it's tail from side to side, impatient.  ________ sighed and balled her hands into fists, which she rested against her waist. "Bad kitty!" She said, pointing her index finger at the cat and walking into the middle of the street. She stopped just in front of the cat, honestly unaware of the fact that she was in the middle of the road, as she was too busy focusing on the cat.

   She scooped the animal up into her arms. Little had she known that the pedestrian traffic light had been glowing bright red, just as red as Gilbert's eyes, signifying that she should not cross the street--much less stand in the middle of it--at that time. She cooed to her pet cat, still standing in the street. Gilbert arrived just in time to see the truck speeding towards her figure. "_________!" 

   She looked up just in time to see the truck. Her feet were glued to the ground, however, and so she couldn't move from the spot, all due to the fear coursing through her veins. Gilbert's ears rang as the truck, unable to stop, collided with _______'s body. Everything became somehow both clear and hazy in those few moments time. Scarlet colored blood pooled around her mangled body, which had been flung a few feet away at impact.

   Gilbert ran towards her, stumbling, and cradled her in his arms, sliding onto his knees. "_________! _________! Don't die on me! _________!" Even with his desperate pleas, _______'s eyes did not open. Her blood dripped onto his pants and shirt, although he didn't notice. His eyes were glued to her once angelic face. Her legs were scraped and oozing blood. Her arms were scarred and bleeding as well. Her nose bent to the right, blood flowing from it. Her torso had burst open when the truck had hit it.

    Gilbert could not cry. He would not. Instead he stood, letting her body fall to the ground, and covered his nose and mouth, trying to gasp for any air that did not smell like blood; like her blood. He tried his best to recall the gentle smell of her hair, but could not. The stench of metallic blood was too great. He stumbled away, grabbing hold of a lamp post for support. He couldn't take it. These were lies! ________ could not possible be dead! And yet, a dark, ragged voice in his mind whispered in almost amusement, "What you see is exactly what you're gonna get." 

    He shook his head, trying to tear his eyes away from ________'s body a few feet away. The heat was mocking him with it's happiness! He could feel his consciousness slipping away. He lost grip of the pole and fell backwards, half his body on the sidewalk, the other half on the street. He stared up at the bright blue sky, wondering exactly what to call that shade of blue, wondering only because he did not want to think of what life would be like without ________. An unfamiliar daytime sound resounded in his ears. It was only unfamiliar, at first, because he was used to hearing it at night. It was the sound of crickets chirping--crying, really--in mourning. His eyes rolled back in his head and he was swallowed by the darkness.  



    Gilbert sat up, breathing heavily, his t-shirt clinging to his skin. He turned on his side and stared at the alarm clock beside his bed. His heart beat loudly in his chest. It was past twelve! He had to meet ________ at the park! He quickly rose, changed into a new t-shirt and shorts,  and pocketed his cellphone, quickly checking the date.

    His phone said that it was August 14th. 

    Around his room, as Gilbert walked out, he neglected to notice thousands of colorful feather-like post-it notes littering the floor and stuck to any empty space on either the furniture or the walls, all reading the same thing: "Save ________ from the cycle." 

    Gilbert ran out of the house and to the park, where he was supposed to meet ______. He cupped his hand over his eyes, looking for her. She was sitting on a bench, her hands folded in her lap, humming quietly and stating at the ground. He waved to her. "________!" She looked up at him and smiled. Something seemed forced about the smile, but he couldn't quite place it. He chose to ignore the strange feeling in his stomach. 

   He went and sat beside her and the pair talked for a while. Suddenly, at one point in the conversation, Gilbert saw the familiar sight of a truck. Something connected in his mind, although he wasn't sure what, exactly, it was. He just knew that they had to leave the park right then and there. 

   "________! Ve need to go! Now!" ________ raised an eyebrow, her cheeks dusted with pink as Gilbert grasped her hand and pulled her up. He dragged her along, trying to leave the park. "W-Where are we going, Gilbert?" He shushed her, his eye brows furrowed. "I know a short cut! Ve just need to go home now!" Gilbert rushed through a narrow alleyway, _________ running behind him. They emerged in a construction site. Gilbert kept running, unaware of his surroundings.

   ________ pulled her hand away, frowning. Gilbert ran a few feet ahead realizing she had let go. _________ stared at him, confused. "What are we doing here? Why do we need to go home?" Gilbert was at a loss for words. "I...I don't know... I just... Ve need to leave! Ve need to go!" ______ huffed. "No! I'm going back to the park. I'll meet you there, Mr. Paranoid, if you figure out what exactly it is you need to get home for." She turned her back on him and began walking away.

    Gilbert reached out to grab her, but his feet were glued to the ground. Although he was already a rather pale individual, his skin had gone paler. He looked up at a crane, one of the many machines at the construction site and noticed something. A cable was about to snap. A ton of iron bars were about to fall on ______. 

   "__________!" Gilbert screamed. He reached out his hand again, but his legs refused to move. She stopped walking and turned to him. "What do you-?" She was cut off as the sound of a snapping cable and falling iron resounded through the air. She looked up, and in a matter of seconds, the iron bars, all of them vertical and falling at great speed, fell on her, one of them slicing right through her.

    Gilbert's eyes stung with tears. "___________!" He screamed. He fell backwards, as if moving forwards was not an option available to him, once more unable to breathe. He could smell her blood, could see her body, impaled with the iron bar, and the memory came back, the memory of the car crash. He felt himself loosing consciousness. His eyes rolled back in his head and he drifted off once more into the sleep of those who wish to forget. "Bet you wish you were asleep, but it's not a dream," the sinister voice whispered, amused. Gilbert cried out, tears rolling down his cheeks, wondering why the heat of the summer day insisted on mocking him so. 

     Even as he closed his eyes, however, he thought he saw a smile, the darkest of smiles, on ________'s bloodied corpse.  



     In his dreams, he was floating in the center of what seemed to be rolls of film, all unrolled and playing out around him. He gasped as he realized what the films were. They were all of _________ dying. 

    _________ falling down too many flights of stairs and snapping her neck. _________ being kidnapped and killed when the kidnappers realized she was not worth a thing. ________ tripping and accidentally falling off of a building when she and Gilbert were arguing and she hadn't realized just how close she was to the edge. ________ running into the middle of traffic to save a cat and getting hit by a truck. 

   Gilbert vowed then and there that he would save her and stop this strange, repetitive cycle of death. 


     Gilbert opened his eyes and found himself standing in the middle of the park, searching for ______, his hand cupped over his eyes so he could see past the blinding sun. He gulped and plastered a fake smile onto his face. "_________!" He called, waving to her. She smiled, cradling a black cat that glared at Gilbert.

     Gilbert eyed it warily. He would save ________. She would run into traffic soon, he knew. This time, he had not forgotten what he needed to do. He had to save her. "I don't really like the summertime," ________ mumbled. Gilbert gulped. He knew what would happen next.

    On cue, the cat jumped out of her arms and ran away. On cue, _______ ran after it. On cue, Gilbert followed. This was all a big play and Gilbert was just a small part of it. Today, though, he would change his role. He would be ________'s savior, not just a helpless bystander. 

   On cue, the cat stopped in the street and ________ picked it up. On cue, the truck came speeding towards ________, unable to stop in time so as not to hit her. "__________!" Gilbert screamed. This time, his legs moved. He ran out in front of the truck and pushed ________ out of the way. He screamed as the pain of being hit by a truck pulsated through his whole body. He felt himself fly, light as a feather for a few moments. Then, he felt the asphalt scrap his arms and legs. 

    He heard ________ screaming his name, but he could not respond. Everything hurt too much. He felt like he was on fire, burning in the scorching summer heat, until he felt his head lifted onto someone's cool lap. ________'s cool lap, he realized. Although muffled, as if there were cotton in his ears, he heard _______ yelling for him to wake up, not to die, not to leave her. He heard nothing else. He didn't hear a voice saying, "What you see is exactly what you're gonna get." 

    It was a relief. He slipped into darkness, embracing the coolness and painlessness of it all.


     August 14th, again.

    It was twelve something noon, and the girl awoke, rubbing her eyes and staring at her alarm clock. She sighed and felt the tears at the corners of her eyes, stinging. Sitting alone on the bed, she muttered something, incomprehensible, at first. 

    An onyx colored cat jumped up onto the bed. She scooped up the creature and muttered once more, "Guess I failed again." Slowly, she arose getting ready for her day, ready to save Gilbert from the horrors of the cycle, even if she might fail to save him today, as she had so many times before. As she was leaving her room, ready to end the cycle, she heard an unfamiliar sound. It was only unfamiliar because she was used to hearing it only at night. She went pale, knowing what it meant, although she ignored it and left. She was oblivious to the feather-like post-it notes around her room, all reading: "Save Gilbert from the cycle." Maybe today she'd save him. Yes, she would save him and end this cursed cycle! She smiled. Although she did not believe her own affirmation, she would still try to save him from almost certain death, even if it meant that she herself had to die.  

     And yet she heard the cry of a cricket singing loudly in her head. 


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