Things Just Happen

This is a rant book, where I can just put on issues that I come across day by day, which'll help me, but hopefully you too :) x
*Warning* will contain swearing.


25. Sorry...

I realise it's been a long, long time since I've been on Movellas, and I haven't written anything here, either - I sincerely apologise for that. I've had a really bad writer's block for a couple of months (I started to write something on Wattpad recently but had to drop that too) plus schoolwork, etc. I know it's no excuse, but hey - it's a new year, a new start! I'll try to write when I can, although I'm still struggling with writing, so please bear with me if my initial writing is terrible - it may take me a while to get back into it.

It might be worthy to note that I have also changed a lot in the past year, as has my ideology. I'm not as sympathetic as I used to be, but I'm not an asshole either. I will be nice to you if you are to me, and if you have a sad story with no solution, please don't expect me to sympathise with you. I will try to provide you with a solution, but if you are not ready to accept the solution and give it a go, I will not pursue helping you any further. If you try the solution and come back to me to tell me it didn't work, I am more than happy to help you again. But I will not stick around if you aren't going to try and help yourself/the situation.

Anyway, I'm back for a little while, so I'll get straight down to it. I logged in on my laptop to find a completely new layout to Movellas - pink, purple, a little bit forum type? I'm not really sure what to think of it yet, since I haven't really had a look around yet, but it's very, very different to what I was used to. What do you guys think of it? If there's any new things/hidden things on here that you feel is worth telling me about, please do - I'm going to try to get accustomed to coming on here more regularly.

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