Things Just Happen

This is a rant book, where I can just put on issues that I come across day by day, which'll help me, but hopefully you too :) x
*Warning* will contain swearing.


17. Projects

It's the holidays now! Whoop whoop! The thing is though, it's a whole week of nothingness. Don't get me wrong, it's great to be off school, but I need something to do. So I was wondering, are there any DIY projects you guys could suggest me? Preferrably not canvas ones, because they come so expensive in the local arts and crafts store that if I mess up it would all be for nothing. Maybe card, or fabric, or paper - just something to keep me busy all day. I've though about nail art, but I can't get hold of a wooden board, so that's not possible. I'm just stuck on ideas so if you have any, tell me - I NEED THEM.

Embrace messy hair. That's all I gotta say today -

Vach xx

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