Things Just Happen

This is a rant book, where I can just put on issues that I come across day by day, which'll help me, but hopefully you too :) x
*Warning* will contain swearing.


24. Internet Friends

The thing is about internet friends, it's better to have them than real people you've met, because they know zil about you. They have nothing to influence their image of you, so they see you for the truly amazing person you are. Obviously you have all that internet safety shit, and you should follow it, but I think that - well, if you don't talk to strangers, how do you make friends? So talk to strangers, make internet friends! Just be safe while doing it!


You are never, ever alone, there is always someone who understands even just a little bit of you. And a lot of people with tiny similarities to you will make a big community of people who will never let you be alone, never - for life.

Vach xx

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