Things Just Happen

This is a rant book, where I can just put on issues that I come across day by day, which'll help me, but hopefully you too :) x
*Warning* will contain swearing.



UGH, so many choices these days. Recently (about a month ago) I had to pick some options for my GCSEs. I'm in year 8, but we do things a little differently at my school - we choose our science, technology and communications options this year, and the rest of them next year.

We got in this massive confusion on which subjects to choose, because I really wanted to take Computing, since there aren't many girl computing people, and apparently I'm good at it. Well, I doubt that, but I didn't want to carry on language, and that was the only other option worth considering. I thought I'd get the chance again next year to choose languages, but apparently not - and you have to have a language to get into a good university. At that time, I honestly did not give a shit about the future, I just knew that I didn't want to take up language this year. Unfortunately, most of my parents' friends have kids who are now in sixth form or in uni, so they knew exactly what I should and shouldn't take. So in the end, I chose language because it's better for the "upcoming future".

In my tech option, it wasn't really that much of a struggle, I wasn't really good at any of them, but my parents are super ICT-smart, so I chose ICT. At least I'd get help at home for that.

Science is set for me, I want to be a doctor when a grow up, either a paedeatrician or psychiatrist (or is it psychologist? Which one does the counselling?), so I definitely need to take triple. It's weird to think that the people I would hate to go and see the most are the people I want to be when I grow up. But the thing is, I really like helping people emotionally. True, I haven't got the first clue as to what to do when someone cries, but I would just love to help people, watch them slowly grow out of their problems and become so much better. I really just wish that I could be different to them all, maybe people would open up to me, and I could change the way psychiatrists are seen. I would love to have people trust me like that.


But back to the topic, my options are chosen, I can't change them now, and I won't be able to take up computing next year because I don't want to drop music, so that's sorted. Sometimes you gotta sacrifice a little to get what you want.


Always keep doing what you want, not being what someone else wants you to be. If you're having trouble with choices, listen to Linkin Park's Numb - that helped me to just think "Well, fuck you all. This is what I want to do, I'm not gonna be pressurised anymore". 

Keep dreaming!

Vach xx

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