Elsa from frozen has another story to tell. The boy in the forest is haunting her. She doesn't know who he is, he doesn't know who he is... in fact no-one knows who he is.


3. Lies

I walked away from the door slowly but I got stopped by Kristoff. He kept smiling at me. "What is a matter with your face?" I said rudely. "No, but you are different..." 

"What a load of nonsense."
"I know how you feel, I can see it..."

"See what?" I questioned innocently. "How you feel about a certain visitor..." I was so confused with what he was saying. "What? Are you trying to say that I like the visitor... well, the answer is I feel sorry for him" I lied, his eyebrows raised, he laughed. "I used to live with love advisers, I learn from them..." I walked away from him. "You do!" he shouted after me, I stopped and walked back. "I do not!"



"What colour are his eyes?"

"Amber" he raised his eyes at me, "What!" I shouted, but then cut myself short as I realised that I do. "I don't, I have only just met him."

"You hypocrite!" he laughed to me. I went red. "I don't and I am not a hypocrite."

"Fine, but I will at the end of the day say: I told you so!"

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