Elsa from frozen has another story to tell. The boy in the forest is haunting her. She doesn't know who he is, he doesn't know who he is... in fact no-one knows who he is.


1. A walk

The sun bled through my curtains, I squinted turning over to sleep. "Queen Elsa, are you awake?" I grunted. "Princess Anna and Prince Kristoff are waiting for you to join them..."

"In a second." I grumbled, falling out of bed. I lay my head in my hands, not wanting to face the day. Anna and Kristoff had come back from their honeymoon several days earlier and I am still depressed. I was so happy for them but I just wished they would stop being so happy. I know that was a very selfish thought but I want to be happy too and none of the princes would satisfy my taste. They aren't what I want, they just want to marry me because A. I'm a queen and B. I can control ice. I'm one of a kind and I'm so special too. I would just be an ordainment on display for them. I got up and looked in the wardrobe. I picked out a dark purple dress. It had small black flowers embroidered in it. It was beautiful. I returned to my thoughts: I just want someone to be like me, someone who I could talk about it without them 'ooh'-ing or 'ahh'-ing. The problem is that sometimes I wish I would be normal for people to see past the magic and see me for who I am. I looked into the mirror and saw a tired looking smile. My hair had stayed up in the position I had slept in, I untangled it and started to plait it again. I experimented with putting it up and with leaving it; I left my hair in the free braid. My white blonde hair was a shock from the black and purple fabric from the dress. Aside from all the balls/parties and the freedom, I felt... I don't know... I feel -. there is no word for how I feel. It's just a dull ache. I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I joined Kristoff and Anna at the table.

Anna, as always, greeted me with a hug but Kristoff being more of a gentlemen, waved to me. "You look lovely, Elsa" Anna complimented me. I nodded "Thank you. Have you two got anything planned for today?" I asked like every other day. Anna nodded enthusiastically. I smiled another fake smile, "Wonderful, what is that then?"

"We were planning-" Kristoff cleared his throat, "I was planning for us to go for a walk around the harbor and the market" Kristoff smiled and nodded. That boy has a LOT of patience to be married to her. "That sounds great, I'm just going to walk around the gardens". Anna had finished and she was getting up to go. She hugged me good bye and they left me buttering my toast.


The day was frosty but beautiful. You could see where the icicles hung like a hundred darts and you could see the individual snow flakes. "WEEEEEE!" I turned around at the noise. "Elsa, how lovely! Would you like to-" 

"Not today Olaf" I said to the little snowman. I walked away from him, his mouth hanging wide open. I needed peace and quiet. During the morning I had turned away five people. I felt horrible however I realised that no-one would leave me alone if I was in the gardens. I slipped behind a tall stone wall and hid for a couple of seconds. I worked my way to the opposite side of the gardens. I gawped up and guessed the wall was ten feet tall. I just needed to climb up without hurting myself and no-one seeing me. I glanced around and saw no-one, not even Olaf. I held out my hands and built myself a stair case, I checked again. No-one. I ran up it, then I fell down the opposite side. "Ow!" I held my foot. "Stupid, stupid" I repeated to myself. I got myself over but not myself down. I collapsed the staircase down. I crawled to a tree and supported myself. I got up and I walked the injury off.

I walked into the forest. The trees cast a shadow of dancers and the blossoms showed pink. It was nice and peaceful... FINALLY! I kicked the snow on the ground and I twirled around in circles. I could see the harbor from here, I thought to myself. I sat down in the cold snow and enjoyed the moment. I could finally breathe. I heard a branch break, my head snapped to the source of the sound. I heard noises, of a creature in need. It sounded hurt and... cold? I peered into the undergrowth and saw a bare foot. It was blackened but tinged blue. "Hello?" I was uncertain, it could be a trap but I have my powers. I heard a shuddering noise. I went in and investigated. I saw a man with raven black hair. His skin was tinged blue. His clothes looked burned as if he had been in a fire. I didn't hear about a fire. His jaw was clenched together and he was shivering, we made eye contact. "Hello..."

"Help me" He gasped, I nodded and I crawled to him and helped him up. We crashed out of the undergrowth and I pulled myself up. He got himself up, still shivering. I gave him my purple jacket, just to have him hold. "Come with me to my house."

"Thank you, thank you"

"What is your name?" I asked him as we made our way out of the forest. He stopped and creased his  eyebrows. He looked lost. A look of happiness overcame his face. "Ronan".

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