The Spark Inside

Arroya and Celine are Majors in the Union military. When the Ezrakinians target the most important artifact of the Union, the two must lead a group of four element-benders. Who will prevail? Good? Or evil?


3. Celine

I Laid back against the ends of the swinging bench. It was hot and sunny. I took two sips from a mango smoothie, and let the taste settle in before Colin stepped onto the porch.

"Mind if I sit?" He asked. I shook my head and moved over. He sat down, and I laid my head against his arm.

"How's Melanie?"

"She's crying upstairs over Derek." I responded.


I stiffened."He's training with Sir Scotsman."

"tell me the truth, Celine."

"He's out with Samantha." I spat.

"Why don't you like her?" I shrugged. Samantha was the sister of Jasmine, the girl Diana beat up in the lunchroom.

" I dunno. I think it's time we head to practice."

Colin nodded, and we both grabbed sweatshirts. I pulled on a pair of Lebron X 10 Pure Platinums, and took my phone.

The wind felt so good against our skin,and the sun shone down from the sky.

We rode from my house in Uptown Union down to Central,and we saw Oliver on his bike.

"Hey, Ollie! You going to practice?"

"Nah, Too much math Homework."

"okay, see ya."

We rode past him in silence, until Colin asked,"Are you going to the Fall Dance?"

"No. No one asked me." an extra...........ticket........and no one........said, you want to go with me?"


"forget it. It was stupid anyway."

"Tell me."

"Well, you want to go to the dance with me?"



"I said yes. Don't make me say it again."

Colin and I walked into the Headquarters, and walked to the Central Room.

"Hey, Celine!" Diana and Drew sat near the back, and we sat next to them."

"Where's Arroya?' I asked Drew.

"I dunno."He shrugged,"I haven't seen her since lunch."

"Celine, can you make this announcement?" The Head General gave me a piece of paper. "The others can walk up with you."

So, we all agreed that I would read it. I held Colin's hand on the way up.

"Excuse me." I said,"Quiet." I said again when no one listened. "QUIET! Okay, so anybody---"

Arroya burst into the room. "Stop her!" She pointed at Madame Crelle, who was an Administrator for the army. "She's working for the Ezrakinians!"

Gasps of indignation aroused.



"SILENCE." The Head General's voice boomed. "How do you know, Arroya?"

Arroya hesitated, and someone yelled,"Blasphemy!"

"Well, sir, all I heard her talking to a man named Ekzra."

More gasps aroused.

"No! That's impossible!"

"How can this be?"

"He's DEAD!"

"SILENCE." The Head General said again. "How do you know?"

"She said,'Yes, Dark Lord.'"

BANG. BANG! Gunshots.

My swords sprang to life to block any, but I was too late. Madame Crelle was gone. The Head General was dead.

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