The Spark Inside

Arroya and Celine are Majors in the Union military. When the Ezrakinians target the most important artifact of the Union, the two must lead a group of four element-benders. Who will prevail? Good? Or evil?


4. Arroya

There he lay, in an ever growing pool of blood. Diana sat beside him, with Oliver next to her and her arm around her shoulder.

Celine ran out of the room, probably heading to the computer room

"I'm getting Celine. Tell them to follow when Diana tells her father." I said to Colin. He nodded, and I sprinted off.

"Hi, Celine." I said quietly and closed the door. She didn't remove her eyes from the screen. I touched her shoulder.

A moment later, her dagger was on my throat.

"Arroya,"She said,"Bloody hell. You scared the heck out of me."

She sat back down again, and started to type. Probably trying to hack into the video cameras.

"What are you doing?" Oliver, Colin, and Drew came in with a puffy eyed Diana.

"Bloody hell! Shut up!" Celine yelled without looking at them.

"The murder!" Diana cried.


Colin interrupted,"Celine just wants to know who did the crime so they can do the time."

"Exactly." Celine leaned back and put her feet on the table. I nodded. Celine was so intelligent, it was hard to remember she had ADHD.

"So who was the murderer?" Diana asked. Her eyes were blazing.

"Not so much to 'who' as to 'what'. " Celine responded,"And unfortunately, I cannot access the video feed for another----"

Beep Beep.

"Five seconds or less. Much more time than usual." Celine said,"Okay, this is General West, about to say something. And this is--" Celine pointed.

"The direction from which the bullets come from." Their finishing each other's sentences really freaked me out.

"Anything else?" Drew asked. It was the first time I heard him speak since the General's death.

"Well," Celine hesitated,"There's nothing else. That's the problem. The cameras don't capture everything."

"We are gonna need our equipment."

"A trip to the lockers it is." The lockers and the computer lab were not supposed to be used unless we had a pass, so unfortunately, we did not have that pass.

"I'll go with Diana first." Oliver said.

"I'll go with Colin after." Celine said.

Drew said,"I'll go last with Arroya."

Oliver and Diana went out and came back quickly, and Colin and Celine left. Man, was it chaos.

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