The Spark Inside

Arroya and Celine are Majors in the Union military. When the Ezrakinians target the most important artifact of the Union, the two must lead a group of four element-benders. Who will prevail? Good? Or evil?


2. Arroya

Chapter 1

Her movements were deft and clever. She was fast and purposeful. She was a wonderful fighter, blocking every punch that came at her. The girl's name was Arroya. The girl was me.

"Faster Arroya." Sir Scotsman's voice said.

"I'm trying." My eight-year-old voice responded.

That was four years ago. Sir Scotsman has perfected my fighting skills, and my mother has trained me to be the perfect water-bender. I was a warrior. I am now a Major in the Water dimension's army, and have been for the last two years.

"Move it, Blue." Blue was slang for someone from the Water dimension.

"I said move." I didn't budge. "I'm waiting."

I moved over a little bit, and the Earth girl, Jasmine, knocked me over, and I dropped my lunch.

"Hey!" Diana West helped me to my feet."Apologize."

"What if I don't want to?" Jasmine threw a punch at Diana. Diana sidestepped, and flipped Jasmine over.

"You broke my nail!" Jasmine wailed.

Diana smirked,"Did I break your ugly face?"

"Oh, you are going to pay for that, West!" Jasmine launched herself at Jasmine.

"Stop." Celine Moon stepped in front of her. "Stop fighting. Now."

Jasmine and Diana instantly stopped fighting. Celine had that kind of voice that made people listen to her. Man, I wish I had that.

"You." Celine pointed at Jasmine,"Don't move. Diana, show Arroya to our table."

Diana took my shoulder and led me to a table where Drew Smith and Colin Mulin sat.

"Growie, we're sick of you messing with us. One more time, and we will kick you to a pulp." Jasmine nodded, and scrambled to a table.

"Now, EVERYONE!" Celine yelled,"Back to your lunches! Nothing to see here!" All eyes drifted to a plate of food.

Celine skipped to our table, and sat down next to Colin.

"So what did I miss?" Oliver Green sat next to Diana.

"You seriously didn't see my fight with that pig-headed Growie over there?" Diana sighed.

"Was I supposed to?"

"Yeah, pretty much."

"So who's going to military training today?" Diana asked. All of us tentatively raised our hands.

"Suckers." She laughed.

"Don't be a butt." Colin muttered.

"Hard not to." Diana countered.

I picked aimlessly at my macaroni. Drew slid over his burger. "Here, have half." I shook my head.

"Are you sure, Arroya? You don't look so good." I nodded, threw the remaining portion of my lunch out, and left the cafeteria.


It's Camryn La Rue! So I seriously hope you guys love this, because it's my favorite story. Keep reading and be rebellious!

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