The Spark Inside

Arroya and Celine are Majors in the Union military. When the Ezrakinians target the most important artifact of the Union, the two must lead a group of four element-benders. Who will prevail? Good? Or evil?


1. Prologue


The world began with 8 dimensions. People from each dimension had elemental powers, like air, water, earth, fire, energy, and time. The dimensions prospered, and they were ruled by six people called the Guardians.

The Guardians had enemies, called the Titans. They were from the planet Ezrakin, where they ruled the Ezrakinians. A war known as the Great War erupted, and they fought until two dimensions died out. The remaining dimensions pushed the Ezrakinians back to their home planet. The dimensions began to mourn for the other dimensions.

The Guardians united the six dimensions and ruled them as the Union. They kept the headquarters of the Union as the Tower of the Guardians, as part of a new city that connected all the dimensions.

The dimensions conquered new worlds, and their people prospered. The Guardians had families, and the dimensions forgot all about the Ezrakinians. It was all peaceful until the Ezrakinians came back.

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