My Little Pony: Fanfic is magic

Ever wanted a huge book that contained the best of MLP fanfic? Well now you have one! This is the best of the best, The sad, the happy and the hilarious!

*NOTE* No vore or gore fics will be featured in this book, however viewer discretion is advised for the higher calibre stories in here, and there will be a warning before every one of said stories *NOTE*

Remember, you can suggest any fanfic as long as it is suitable for children up to 13 years.


1. Ratings and Discretion *PLEASE READ*

This page is for the fanfiction rating key and viewer discretion policies. Please read this before reading the book.


Before the beginning of a three strike story (see rating key) there will be a warning and said warning will advise viewer discretion. This prevents you from accidentally reading a fic you feel might disturb you psychologically. However, NO VORE OR GORE FICS ARE PERMITTED IN THIS BOOK, so those are not a hazard.



! = Family Friendly

!! = Psychological and sensitive themes

!!! = traumatic depictions (12-15)

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