Never Let Go || Niall Horan

Kellan McBride has always had trust issues when it came to relationships. Having a terrible dating history and never knowing which guys were worthy, she always ended up getting her heart broken but will a certain lavender haired boy be able to change that?


3. Chapter 3

"I still don't like that Niall guy,"


"So you've said. Five times already," I groan, grabbing a bag of groceries and walking toward our flat. Allie and I had been fighting about Niall all morning, ever since we hopped into the car and drove to the store together to try and work out this Niall situation. I had locked myself up in my room after Niall had left and refused to talk about it with Allie last night so naturally, she forced me into talking about it today.


I pull the door open and walk into the kitchen, depositing the plastic bag filled with miscellaneous food items onto the floor and heading back out for more bags while Allie passes me on her way up to the house. As soon as I'm reaching into the trunk to grab another bag, I find another pale hand with jammed cuticles and bitten down nails grab for the same one. My eyebrows crinkle, already envisioning Allie's tan, perfectly manicured hand and when I look up, I find Niall standing next to me, smirking. "Well hello there," He says, making me smile.


"Hello," I reply with a laugh. "I'm sad to say Allie won't be very happy you're here,"


"Gasp! My feelings are severely hurt. However will I go on?" He jokes, grabbing at his chest with false pain, making me smile.


"Well are you going to help me with these groceries or not?" I ask, raising an eyebrow. He returns my smile and grabs an armful of bags and following me back into the house.


"What the hell is he doing here?" Allie hisses once we get to the porch.


"He's here to help with groceries," I say although I didn't know the exact reason. The two of us hadn't gotten to that reasoning yet and my sister sighs, rolling her eyes and heading back to the car. "So why are you here exactly?" I ask once we set all of our bags in the kitchen.


"Because I happened to be walking past your house. And I was wondering how you were doing," He admits, kicking at the carpet under his feet. I raise an eyebrow, a smirk plastered on my lips and watch him squirm with discomfort. "I mean, you were a mess yesterday and I wanted to check and see if you were alright because, you know, that's what friends do,"


"Are we friends?" I question and watch him blush, more embarrassment coursing through his system and I smack his arm, laughing lightly. "Don't worry, Niall, I consider you my friend. Calm down. Didn't know you wanted the Kellan friendship so badly,"


"Hardy har har," Niall glares sarcastically as we leave the house. We watch Allie bring in the final two bags and that leaves the two of us to do as we wanted.


"Niall and I are going to go have a smoke," I tell her, an undecided plan for the two of us.


"But you had four yesterday!"


"And today's a new day," I retort, watching Niall smirk slightly from my left. I take his hand and the two of us walk down the road together, finding our original spot and having a smoke. Just as I light mine up, a boy with black quiffed hair walks toward us. "Shit," I mumble.


"What?" Niall asks through cigaretted lips.


"That's Zayn. Th-The guy who stood me u-up," I hurriedly take a puff of my cigarette as he nears closer and closer and Niall takes my hand, trying to shoot me a reassuring smile. "Not in the mood, Zayn. I want nothing to do with you. Can't you see that?"


Zayn nods, looking upset and I stare down my shoes, not wanting to meet his gaze ever again. "Kell, please, I really like you and I wouldn't... stand you up on purpose,"


I shake my head, blinking back tears, glad my gaze was stuck on the gravel. I inhale more toxins, feeling Niall's hand resting on the small of my back and he says, "I think you should just go, mate."


"Who're you to say--?"


"Go. If you really like her, you'd let her go," Niall's voice sounds sincere, laced with force, pushing him toward the right answer and he sighs, running a hand through his black hair and nods.


"Alright, I'm sorry, Kell and I'm hoping one day you'll forgive me," I force a weak nod, staring down at my shoes, trying to keep myself from crying.


Zayn leaves a few seconds later and Niall and I sit in silence for a few moments before he says, "He seemed like a dick. You shouldn't be hung up over him, okay?" I force myself to nod, wiping my eyes with my sleeves quickly, hoping Niall wouldn't see. Much to my dismay, he does and pulls me in for a hug to calm me.


"How come you never talk about your girlfriend very much? You guys break up or something?" I ask, curiousity leaking from my tone as soon as the two of us pull apart.


"She didn't like my smoking habit. I wasn't about to change for her so I broke it off," He tells me and I raise my eyebrows. "S'a foolish thing to break up over, I'm aware but she wanted to change me, wanted to change my image and I wasn't having it,"


I force a nod, looking down at my shoes as I take another drag from my cigarette. "You're a really nice guy, Niall. I don't get why Allie hates you," The blonde boy laughs at my comment, making me smile and I kick at the gravel under my feet.


"I guess I'm just not a very welcoming guy," Niall mumbles and I finish off my cigarette, smothering it into the gravel.


"Thank you for doing all of this. Being there for me, being my pack mule."


Niall snickers, sending me a sly smirk and says, "It would be my pleasure,"


Hey guys. Sorry it's been so long since I've updated. I've just been at a loss for what I waned to happen. That seems to happen a lot. I'm sorry but I hope you liked it nonetheless.


-Shianne xx



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