Never Let Go || Niall Horan

Kellan McBride has always had trust issues when it came to relationships. Having a terrible dating history and never knowing which guys were worthy, she always ended up getting her heart broken but will a certain lavender haired boy be able to change that?


2. Chapter 2

"Kellan, what the hell?" Allie stood with her hands on her hips from my left in our kitchen, eyes blazing with fury. "Please explain to me why there's a boy with purple hair and tattoos sitting on our couch." 


"Lilac," I mumble. 


"Lilac, whatever. Why, Kell. Why the hell is he here? I don't want some criminal sitting in my living room damn it!"


I wait for her to calm down before saying, "He helped me get away from Garrett," My voice comes out a whisper and my sister's eyes suddenly turn sympathetic and she lets out an irritated huff. 


"Still not happy," She grumbles before lightly pushing me along back to the living room. 


I sit down next to Niall and he smiles, still looking slightly confused from the way Allie had tugged me into the kitchen without warning and I shoot him a warm smile to soothe him. "Hello Ms. Kellan," He winks, making Allie glare his way. "And hello wonderful Allie," He was kissing up to her to stop her from hating him, that was obvious but Allie was making it just as clear that she would hate him until he proved himself. I sigh. 


"Allie, can you like, not?" I mumble. 


"Boys with their lilac hair," I hear her grumble before walking out of the room. 


"So that was my lovely sister," I murmur embarrassingly as I look down at my hands. "D-Do you want to go out for a smoke?" 


"Is smoking all you do?" He wonders. 


"S-Sometimes," I admit. I felt out a whack with Niall here next to me. He was distracting me with his lilac hair and blue eyes and handsome face, making me stumble over my words like an idiot and he knew it but, he had a girlfriend so I had to keep myself under control. "So do you want to go or not?"


"Sure," He sighs. We head out the door and this time, only lounge on the front porch steps, lighting up our cigs and sitting in silence. "Why were you so afraid of that guy?" He asks after a few minutes. 


"Doesn't matter," I mumble, clenching my lighter between a tight fist. 


"Is he the reason you started smoking?" 


"Maybe," Goddamn it, why did this boy have to ask all he right questions? I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose, forming a few smoke rings and watching them fade into the air. I instantly start up another cigarette, suddenly not in the mood for talking and when Niall notices this, the conversation drops. My hands begin to shake that the thought of Garrett and when Niall notices, his eyes go wide as scenarios fly through his head. I shake my head at him, my whole body beginning to tremble and pace around the porch, one hand through my hair the other holding the cigarette I was fiercely sucking on, my breathing becomes labored as my thoughts consume. "Damn it damn it damn it." I mutter, flicking ash off the tail. "I told myself I wouldn't f-freak out a-anymore," 


"Sh, Kellan it's okay," Niall reassures me. 


I shake my head, puffing on my cigarette again. "Can it, Niall. You don't know shit," 




"No, Niall. Leave it," He goes silent for a moment and just watches me. "What?" I snap. 


"You're working on your third cigarette," He mumbles and when I look down, I find two butts on the ground where I must've subconsciously stomped them out. 


"Stressed is all. You can't say you haven't done it either," I hiss. The cigarette had started to calm my breathing and my clothes now carried the heavy stench of it's smoke but in that moment, I didn't care. 


"Not over an ex," He sighs. 


"Yeah because you're in a committed relationship, right? Sorry the rest of us can't say the same," I growl, angered as I press my hands to my hips, sighing and flicking more ash away. 


"You're going to get a nasty smoker's cough," Niall jokes, trying to lighten the mood and I can't help but laugh, sending him a small smile. 


"Sorry. Garrett just-- He gets to me," I sigh, sitting back down on the porch next to him. He shoots me a forgiving smile and I rest my head in my hands, throwing the fag away and, stomping it out seconds later and rest my head in my hands, trying not to cry. "Today's been rough. With Zayn, now Garrett--" I shake my head and force out a shaky sigh. "You know what? I'm fine."


"You're not. Stop saying that," 


I let out a whimper, just barely audible and say, "I don't want to come off as weak and considering the second time we met, you found me sobbing, I'd say I'm not doing a very good job so unless you want to see me cry uncontroably for the next hour, I'd stop saying that," I could already picture Niall nodding in agreement as I stare out at the sky, watching my frosted breath float up into the air. I shove my hands into my sleeves, finding them to be an angry red from the freezing sky "You can go if you want," I mumble. "I'm sure you've got better things to do besides sit here with a girl who has a terrible relationship record and had a tendency to cry when things get tough," My laugh comes out bitter but Niall doesn't notice as he pulls me close into a side hug, wrapping his arm around my waist. 


"I wouldn't leave you, Kell," He promises and I smile although all I can think is He has a girlfriend. He has a girlfriend. I sigh, not wanting to look into his blue orbs, knowing I'd get lost in them and stare down my my hands instead. Out of the corner of my eye, I watch him throw away the orange section of his cigarette, squishing the glowing ember with the toe of his shoe and watch how gracefully he does it, showing he must've been doing it for years. 


"How long have you been smoking for?" I ask suddenly, curious. 


"Two years? Three? Yeah, three," He says, counting on his fingers in a way which could only be classed as adorable. "You?" 


"Year and a half. Allie was pissed when she found out. She's a total pro environment gal," I groan and Niall smirks. 


"I noticed that when I saw her tee shirt said "Go Green" with that stupid recycle symbol on it. Hard to be intimidating with that on your cotton tee," 


I can't help but laugh as he says this, clutching my stomach when it starts to hurt and Niall smiles when he finds me in my amused state. "Thanks, Niall. For being here, you know? I needed that," He nods and hours tick by before he says he has to leave. 


"When can I see you next?" Niall's question shocks me and my eyebrows raise. Why would he want to see me again? I wasn't that interesting, was I? 


"I dunno. Just look around the neighborhood. You may catch me walking around with my sister in her stupid "Go Green" cotton tees," I wink. 


Hey guys. I hope you're liking it so far. I was at a loss for what I wanted to happen although I had a rough idea. I really like this story so far and I hope you guys are too. 


-Shianne xx

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