Never Let Go || Niall Horan

Kellan McBride has always had trust issues when it came to relationships. Having a terrible dating history and never knowing which guys were worthy, she always ended up getting her heart broken but will a certain lavender haired boy be able to change that?


1. Chapter 1

Smoke curled into the inky star-blotted sky as I pull the cigarette from my lips, forming smoke rings for my own amusement. It was when I find someone’s smaller rings in answer do my eyebrows furrow. I stand in the frozen winter air for a few moments before I watch someone walk my way, holding a cigarette of their own. ”Your rings are weak,” He tells me as he pushes a lock of lilac hair from his icy blue eyes and I shrug, taking another puff.


“Doesn’t matter,” I murmur as I kick the gravel under my feet. “I do it for my own amusement so fuck off,” I smirk and a laugh leaves his lips. I was trying to keep up a tough facade because honestly, this boy intimidated me. His medium lilac hair hung in a high quiff, jawline strong and eyes lethal. Tattoos littered his pale arms which showed from his black V-neck tee shirt. Matching jeans hugged his calves and thighs and a silver chain dangles from his belt loop. I could only wonder how I hadn’t heard him coming up.


I flick ash off the tail of my cigarette before the mysterious boy tells me his name. “I’m Niall,” His voice is husky and harsh with a trail of an Irish accent, thick in his throat, something I hadn’t noticed about him when I first heard him speak and my eyebrows raise when he sticks out his hand for me to shake.


“Kellan,” I reply as I shake his rough and calloused hand.


He smiles at me, exposing perfect pearly whites and the two of us puff on our cigarettes in unison. “Do you want to see my technique?” I shrug my shoulders and for the next ten minutes, he demonstrates until all is left is the orange butt. I try then, listening closely as he mutters directions, his words cutting through the biting winter air. “There ya go!” Niall cheers once I form a small chair of rings that quickly disappear into the night air.


Niall was starting to grow on me, there was no denying that. His tattoos and dark clothing drew me in but I wasn’t about to tell him smoking cigarettes was about the most deviant thing I’ve done. He’d think I was a loser, then. “What are you doing out here at midnight, all alone?” He questions as he grabs another cigarette out of the pack from his breast pocket. The white sticks dangle loosely around in the box and he takes a cracked yellow lighter from his jeans pocket. The fluid is low and it barely sparks, slowly igniting.


“My sister and I shake a flat and she doesn’t like me smoking in the house so whenever I feel like I need one, I let myself wander for a while before I finally settle down someplace and have a smoke,” I reply just before stomping out my cigarette with the toe of my shoe. It was true; my sister was a huge eco freak. “No smoking in the house kellan. No littering, Kellan. No eating off napkins, Kellan. It’s bad for the environment,” She would always say but there was another reason why I was out here so late that I rather wouldn’t discuss. “What about you?”


“Needed to get away from a clingy girlfriend,” I nod. Of course NIall had a girlfriend; any girl would be crazy not to find him attractive but it surprised me a boy like him would be settling down. “She strangles me with affection,” He continues and I flinch. To my dismay, Niall notices. “What?” He questions. He was being strangled with affection while I was lacking it; had been for years. It didn’t seem fair.


“Nothing,” I mutter, looking down at my hands. “I better be getting home,”


Niall nods, taking a final puff of his cigarette  before stomping it out. It had only been half lit so my eyebrows raise when he wastes the other half. “I’ll walk you home,” He says when he sees my confused expression.


“Go back to your affectionate girlfriend,” I murmur harshly before turning on my heel and heading home. I couldn’t get Niall out of my head. All I could picture was him and his overly affectionate girlfriend; the way they must cuddle and kiss on the couch, holding hands and thinking about their futures. I felt like I was being a bit harsh on Niall but he was a tough guy and could take it. Plus, odds were, we would never cross paths again. I head into the house, shutting the door and locking it behind me before going up to my room to mope.




“How’d your date go?” My face suddenly darkens as I run a hand through my hair.


“It didn’t,” I grumble as I adjust the strings on my pajama pants. I didn’t want to tell Allie that I got rejected last night. It hurt enough just to think about it.


“What do you mean it didn’t?” Allie questions, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes with the heels of her palms.


“He stood me up,” I sigh, grabbing a bowl and pouring cereal inside. The room blankets with silence as I eat but I don’t mind it, the only sound being the clinking of my spoon on the rim of my bowl. My thoughts wander back to Niall and his stupid overly affectionate girlfriend. Why couldn’t I have a relationship like that? Why couldn’t I have one at all?


I pour my leftover milk into the sink and look over at Allie, only to find her staring at me with a saddened expression which I chose to ignore. “I’m going to go have a smoke,” I feel Allie’s disapproving gaze on my back as I walk out the door but I shake it off, just as I always have. I grab a cigarette from the pack, the fags slowly disappearing. I form the smoke rings Niall had taught me and my thoughts wander again. Zayn Malik stood me up last night and my heart aches with the thought. I thought i had finally caught a break with him but it had come to bite me in the ass.


My phone beings to ring as I make it back to my spot where I had met Niall last night and I watch Zayn’s name blink across the screen. I sigh, trying to conjure up some bravery and pick up the phone. “Leave me alone, Zayn,” I growl.


“Kellan, let me explain,” Zayn begs and I roll my eyes.


“Why? Why should I listen to anything you have to say?” I huff. “You stood me up, Zayn and I refuse to be treated that way,” I had meant for my voice to be hard and even but it ends up being just the opposite, tears in my eyes. I hang up the phone afterward, not wanting him to hear my sobs and when I had my phone firmly placed into the pocket of my pajama pants, I slide down the chain link fence which was pressed into my back and flinch when the tail of my cigarette allows the hot ash to touch my skin. I throw the stick away, burying my face in my forearms and sob, not bothering to silence them.


“What’s wrong, love?” I hear a familiar Irish voice ask.


I look up and lock eyes with a pair of light blue ones. I shake my head quickly and sniff, “Leave me alone, Niall. I’m f-fine,” My voice cracks, a telltale sign I was lying. In no way did I want to be left alone nor was I fine.


“Doesn’t seem like it,” He comments, sitting next to me, catching my bluff. The gravel was terrible hard under my butt but I don’t bother making a comment, crying into my hands again. I feel his arm wrap around my shoulder and he pulls me close. “Now tell me what’s wrong, darling,”


I sigh shakily and force my gaze up at him. “I-I was stood up l-last night. I-I figured I finally caught a break, you know? Met a nice guy who I could h-have stupid conversations a-and h-he could be sweet and gentle and k-kind b-but--” I break into sobs again and Niall pulls me into his chest while I cry.


“You’re going to be alright, love. That guy was an asshole and doesn’t deserve you,” He whispers. Once my tears has begun to dry, he helps me up from the ground and flicks his cigarette into the gravel. “C’mon, I’ll take you to my favorite place when I need to think and calm down,” He whispers and takes my hand in his. “It’s not far of a walk,” He promises once we hit the pavement. “I happen to come here a lot, actually,” He admits sheepishly as we arrive at a park.


“Hey Niall?” I ask. He looks up at me, suddenly interested I had called his name. “Why is your hair lilac?”


He laughs. “Well--” He stops mid sentence when he sees my eyes have widened and begun to water again. “What’s wrong?” He asks and his gaze follows mine to a boy who was staring straight at me with a smirk.


I shake my head quickly and tug on Niall’s hand, walking in the opposite direction. “I-I have to get out of here,” I whisper as I walk in long strides away from him.


“What’s happening? Who was that guy?”


“T-That was my ex boyfriend. H-He wasn’t the b-best,” I whisper and continue to walk on down the road. “Niall, I can’t let him find where I’m going. I-I just started g-getting over him s-so if you want to stay with me,  y-you’re going to have to walk f-faster,” I mumble. Niall nods, jogging to my side and we take our journey back to my flat.


So this is my newest story and I hope you guys are liking it. I decided to make it a Niall Horan love story because I usually write HS ones but Niall is my close second cx I'll post the second chapter as soon as I can so you guys can get a better taste of what this chapter will be like. Sorry if everything seemed a little crammed but I needed to add specific things into this chapter so that things will add up later.    -Shianne xx

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