I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



11. You're mom Knows

*he gets up with me on him and pushes me up against the wall, and begans to kiss my neck, I let out a moan.*

Liam Starts to pull up my shirt off and I stop him. he moans and pulls back. "WHAT NOW?" he says, I shake my head trying to hold back my laughter and say " lets move to the second bedroom" he jumps up faster then I have very seen him move, he picks me up and takes me to the second bedroom, he throws me on the bed and then locks the door, he turns around taking of his shirt, and there it was his perfect body, 8 abs and the best part is that he is all mine. I look at him and he is smiling just in his boxers. he begans to walk over to me. I ask him what he is thinking about and he says "I am thinking about how much better my wife would feel with a little bit less clothes" I as soon has he said it , he was by my side taking of my shirt. once it was off, he began to kiss me up and down my body, making me moan and pull him closer. he laid e down and climb onto of me, kissing my lips and undoing my shorts pushing them down, and then completely off. so know we both were laying there in our ubderwear. he begans to pull the strips of my brea off my shouders, he looks me straight in the eyes. "I Love you Meg so much" Liam whispers "I Love you Liam" He leans down to Kiss me. And before I know it I was heavly breathing on his chest, Liam ran his hands in my hair. " tomorrow is the Campig trip Liam and we haven't packed yep" I say "we can worry about that later, but for now lets just sleep my love" I nod and pull myself closer to Liam and he raps both of his arms around me. we both start to drift asleep,when there is a knock on the door i run my face deeper in to Liam's chest, LIam yells go away, but then there is was a sweet voice at the door that got Liam up in a flash, he puts on his boxers and then opens the door, "Liam Sweet, it's so good to see you" I Freeze in the bed as i am lay chest down thank God. Liam keeps talking and then says "give us 2 hours we are really tired" . I look up over my sholders to see if I am right? Yep it was Liam's mom. Liam hops in the bed pulling me coser to him. "Liam?" I ask "Yes Love?" Liam answers "do you think you mom knows?" "knows what?" Liam ask " that we you know " I say Liam breaks out laughing and the say " yes, I am pretty sure my mom knows we had sex last night" I slap him on the shoulder and he laughs hard " you know it's true" Liam says. I pulled the blankent over my head and wished for the day to be over already, soon or later I would have to face Liam's mom and I am going to avoid has long has I can...

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