I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



2. Your Parents?

“Your so Beautiful Babe” Liam Nearly Whispered.
I giggle. He starts to lean down and kisses me *ding dong* 
  when he pulls back  *ding dong* he rolls off of me and he grabs his boxers and I start dressing to and then again *ding dong* I giggle then say “that person really want to talk to you” He laughs then says “who ever it is I am going to bit there head off” I look back at him has he is putting on his shirt. He gets up and walks out of the room.. I lay back on the bed and sigh out loud.. What is wrong with me? Why in the world would I get married to a stranger? I have a Boyfriend then it hits me

 **Flash Back**
I ran in to the apartment the My Boyfriend had. I wanted to tell that him and I were going to London “Carson? Carson” I yelled “I Tried call you. I Have Great News I am Going to-” but I was Cut of by What I saw I Just stood there in shock.. I turn around and run out the of his room. I broke down and tears. “Megan Wait.. Stop its not what it looked like” I slap him and say “ really cause it looked like you were having sex Best Friend” I shouted then I Left…
** End Of Flash Back **

I Started Cry on my bed. Liam Walks in “Hey Babe So My Parents are here and they want to meet you” He Drops the flowers he had in his hand to the floor and rushed over to Me. “Megan what’s Wrong” Megan Look at me”  I look up at Liam who was looking at me with sadness in his eyes. “ I Remember why a broke up with Carson” Liam  frowns.. I look away and wipe my tears  and I start to get up “ There’s No time for tears your parents are here, and I need to get ready” I start to walk to the bathroom. When I was pulled back by my arm and before I know it Liam Had me in a Hug. He whispered in to my hair “ Megan I am so sorry this happened to you,” he kept repeating “I got you babe I got you” 

after like ten minutes I pull away Liam looks down at me shocked.. I mumble “Your Parents are Downstairs, I Be down in a minute babe” I smile at him. His quickly kisses my lips and then walks away. “LIAM?” he turns around to look at me “ Thank you” I say he smile and then say “Thank you” and then walks out.. Wait why would he say thank you to me?..

Before I knew it was downstairs  Meeting his parents “Hello I am Megan Wells.. Oh Shit I mean Payne, Megan Payne” Both the Parents laughs I look to Liam he is just sitting there. He gets up and puts a hand on my lower back then whispers “ how can you Forget your last Name” I look at him and he is just smiling at me. I roll my eyes. And playfully slap him on the chest. He leans in to kiss me but I stop him. He looks at me and cocks his head and I nod to where his parents are now sitting. And to my surprise His Mom is just Smiling at up, so I smile Back. And I look at Liam and He Kiss me, not even thinking or remembering that his parents are in the room I kiss Liam back and then I up on him wrapping my legs around his waist.. The was a “huh” someone Clearing there throat. I look and see it Geoff (aka Liam’s dad) I jump off of Liam. I clear my throat “Drinks anyone?” Liam just smirks at Me. I was so embarrassed. 

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