I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



10. What's Going on?

I invited her" Harry Says..

We all turn to Harry and stand in aw. Wait, so Holly is Harry's Girlfriend that he says he is in love with, and she is my best friend!

Flashback * Holly Holly , Was Shouting out to her, when Liam asked me to Marry him. Holly came running in with Harry quickly behind her. they looked like they just came from making out. *

Harry Walk's to Holly and Kisses her, we all freeze . i trun my face into liam chest, he places is hand on my chin pushes up then he whipers " My Beautiful Megs I Love you" he says while looking me in the eyes, i could see that he was truthful and he had passion in his eyes. he started to lean in to my lips, i closed my eyes waiting for him to kiss me, i could feel is breath on my lips. And there it was his warm lips where on mine, his hand moved from my chin to my lower back, he pressed my body into his, so close that i coould feel his heart beat on my chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepin the Kiss. I could feel him smell, he pulled away. Then said "shall we move this to a more, private place?" I smile then say, "what about them" I said looking at Harry and Holly Still making out. Liam leans in and Whispers "They seem busy" I laugh. Liam Picks me up and Carries me bridal Style up the Stairs, I just giggle, has he carries me. Liam Kicks the Bedroom Door, He freezes, i could feel his whole body get hard. There Was a Girl laying on his bed, Danielle, why is this girl in our bed? I look at her and she is wearing my Mrs.Payne Shirt, and that's it. Liam puts me down, i guess he could tell that i was Mad, because i wa about to walk towards her and slap her, But i felt a hand on my waist, stopping me from moving forward. my back was to Liam's hard Sexy chest. Liam begans to Talk to Her "Daneilla, What the Hell are you doing here? and why are you in OUR Bed?" he said running his hands up and down my arms, Trying to keep my calm and Man was it working. I found it really hard to foucs , on what there where saying. so Danelle gets up and takes off my shirt and curse at us, and then leaves in her clothes. then Liam turns me around and says " I am sorry, don't worry we are going to change the lock right way, i am going to call someone right now" and he was out the bedroom door. I was standing there not sure what was happening, I walk over to the bed and start to strip the bedding off the bed and I pick up the shirt and add it to the basket of bedding , i pick up the basket and start to walk down the stair. I stop at the bottom of the stairs, to see Liam and 6 guys in black shirts. i quickly put the basket down and walk over to Liam, he raps his arms around me and began's to talk to the 6 guys. "I need you Guys to change the locks and check all the exit's , I don't need to remind you guys on how important this is " they all nod their heads and walk away breaking up into groups of two. what is going on? I look to Liam and say "Liam what is Going on?" he looks at me with sadness in his eye and then he says " she is going to try to kill you, she said you want stop in till you dead, I look at him ,who? Danelle? why? " Why?" He leans in and says "because you have what she wants." " what do I have that she wants?" he whispers "Me" so she is going to kill me because of Liam?. none of this is making any sense. Liam look down "shall we go to bed, we can talk about this more tomorrow" i nod as he picks me up, i see the basket. and i giggle what's going to happen when he realizes that the bed has no bedding on it? he opens the door and freezes then we realizes that the bed is cleared. he call's for Steven, and i man runs in with a gun in hand. "what's wrong sir?" Liam answers. " She came back and stole our bedding" I can't hold it in any more I fall to the group laughing so hard, that no sound was coming out. Liam drops to the group, thinking something was wrong he pulls my head up and see that i am laughing, " Well I am Glad you can laugh at this " he said Smiling. I take a deep and say "I took the sheets of the bed" he began to laugh and Laugh harder. pool Steven the Bodyguard, he looked so confused, Liam waves him away, and he walks out. Lean close to me and Kisses me, my laughter goes way, I kiss him back. he pushes me on my back and puts his hand on my upper back supporting me, while pushing me closer to him. He puts his right hand upper my head, fipping us over, so now i am on top of him. he gets up with me on him and pushes me up against the wall, and begans to kiss my neck, I let out a morn. 

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