I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



4. We need to Talk

“We need to talk” liam said 

I sat down and look up at him, he grabbed my hands, and said “do you remember anything from the last couple of nights ,or anything?” I shake my head ‘no’. “I feel so stupid liam, how can I not remember getting married to you?” I looks me in the eyes and his big brown eyes are telling me something. Was he worried?. “babe let me start at how we meant” I nod and he brings “ I was at the bar with Harry and he was meeting up with his girlfriend Molly and you just meet molly and she was showing  you around town” he turns his head away “ Molly and Harry thought it would be a great Idea to hook us up together because of are pass relationships” I nod “ so we all meant at the bar that’s when I meant you,” he smiled and then kissed my forehead. “ we talked for weeks and hung out and then you got a phone call from you ex- he was inviting you to his wedding, you looked at me and said wouldn’t it be fun if we got married?” I widen my eyes “WAIT I said that?” he nods” then the next day we got together I got a ring and I asked you to marry me.” he stopped and Smiled at the memory of it. He shook his head “ I then two weeks later it was are wedding” “ I just married you after 4 weeks of knowing you?” he smirks “yeah you did” I was really crazy about this guy of maybe I was pregnant.. Oh my shit was I pregnant?? I am a virgin or I was? I am?.. I blirt out “Liam I am I Pregnant?” he looks taken back for a minute then he answers “ We have not done it, so I hope not, I do you ask?” I was just wondering why I would marry you in 4 weeks?” he kissed my lips and then said “cause we fell in love and are still in love” I shake my head liam is nice and all but I don’t know him so I cant love him.” I don’t love you, I don’t even know you” he looks down I could see the sadness in his eyes. “ you don’t remember but you will in time,” I nod my head I can see why I might have fallen for this guy but still Love, not to sure.. “ so I finish telling you what happened to why you don’t remember us” I nod “ a hour after are wedding you were saying good-bye to your parents, I was stupid and I did not go out there with you, and one of my ex’s showed up and you guys go in to a heated talk……..and then it came my flash back 



(Flashback) p.s. D = Danielle and M=Megan(Me)
D = hey you Liam’s new whore. I turn around and look at her with a you talking to me look
D = yeah I am talking to you.
M = who are you? 
D = I am Liam’s girlfriend Danielle...
M = oh, your Liam EX Friend and I am Megan Payne, Liam’s WIFE. I healed my hand out to her, she did not talk it, she come up to me and punched me and man did it hurt. I remember hitting my head on something and that was it.. (Flashback ends)

I jump up and start to walk back and forth. “She hit me? That that arse” I was stopped in  place, I felt warm hands around me pulling to back, till I was up against him, he turned me around. “What’s Wrong?” I look at his eyes then his Face “I Remember the wedding and you Crazy Ex- Danielle” I looks down like it was his fault and then back to me “ I am so Sorry this happened to you I should have been there with you, I shoul..” I stopped him with my lips, he kisses back and pulls me closer and closer… the way he kisses me back his like the I don’t know I just really liked it.. “Get Some Liam” we both pull away but we were still at arms length. I look to see who it was it was  Harry Styles..   


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