I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



8. Three Arms

Hey! Readers, I am SO SO SORRY FOR THIS SO SO LATE UPDATE. I WAS IN COLLEGE AND THEN MY MUM ALMOST DIED. SO I WON'T KEEP YOU ANY LONGER!!!! HERE YOU GO. LOVE YOU GUYS!!                       ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Why are their three arms around me?

I take a deep breathe, and move a fourth arm. Now I am freaking out! Oh man I have to peep. So I do the only thing I can, and that was to scream. "HEEEELLLLLPPPP" the lights were on before I could sit up and the bed was cold. I look around and there are three guys in my room, in their underwear, one was holding a bat and one a pillow and the other a shoe, my shoe? I break out just laughing. I could not sit up in my bed, I laid down, but then I started to peep. So I ran as fast as I could to the bathroom, shutting the door on my way in, I was still laughing. I started to wash my hands , when the door swung open, and lone and behold was Liam, standing at the doorway in his black Calvin Klein boxers, man does he look sexy or what?. Has he started to walk to me, I smiled and back away from him, till my back was to the wall of the bathroom. I look up, and Liam was one step away from me." you snore in your sleep babe" I shake my head no " I do not Liam. I just breathe loudly in my slee.." before I could say another word Liam's lips were on mine, damn he is a good kisser, I start to kiss back, I place my wet hands on his warm back and he jumps, "Wow your Hands are cold" Liam said I laugh. Then I just kiss him and push him up against the wall, then there is a cough and I look back and see Niall and Harry just Smiling at us still in their underwear. I look away and then start to walk away from Liam then I feel a pull on my arm and I look back and see Liam's hand is on to my upper arm and he walks past me and shuts the bathroom door. pushing Niall and Harry out and then turns to me and says "Where were We?" I shake my head. "Liam we can't your friends are out their" I said pointing to the bathroom door. Then Liam says "Hey they will understand" I shake my head and then open the door, and trip on Harry and Niall, who were know on the floor, half in the bathroom and half in the bedroom, and I was on top of them. Liam Starts to laugh. Then helps me up and says "Guys put some clothes on, I don't like my wife laying with other guys" I look up at Liam, Where was that last night? I thought. Harry stands up pushing Niall back down. "Liam we just slept with your wife not even 30 mins ago, and now you realize with not wearing clothes?" Harry says. Liam narrows his eyes and Harry. Then Niall stands up and says " you didn't care that your wife kissed me last night when I got in the bed, you just smiled." Wait what? did he just say he I kissed him? "well that Kiss was meant for me" Liam said. I pushed Liam away and then look at them all with a horrified look on my face. Liam then walks up to me and then puts his arms around my waist and then kisses my neck. I close my eyes DAMN HIM this felt so good. I shake my head and then push him away. " No Liam, I am mad at you right now" I say, proud of myself for sounding convincing. I start to walk away when I hear Liam say "What Why? it's not like I kissed one of your best friends." Oh Hell no, did he really just say that? now I am mad. I quickly turn around so fast that I felt sick , but shook it off. I walk to Liam has he backs up, I stop like one foot in front of him and say. " oh, so you think it's my fault I kiss Niall last night?" I didn't give him time to answer. " How should I know that Niall was in my bed , when I thought you were him?" Liam shakes his head and says " I am sorry, I didn't mean it like that" he look truly sorry. but I was not having it. so did the only think, I know would hurt him. I walk over to Niall and Kiss him hard on the lips to my surprise he kissed me back. But I didn't care, I knew this would make Liam mad and jealous. I was pulled away from Niall's lips and then Niall was lying on the ground with a bloody nose. Harry just Laughed, I look at him and he just says "Wow this is better then Tv" I pull away from the arms that held me to see if Niall was okay. I felt so bad, what had I done? but the arms would not let me go, I was quickly turned around and I looked up. Shit I cursed in my head Liam looked hurt and mad all at the same time. I quickly said. " Liam, I-I AM SORRY, I Was just mad at you for thinking I would Kiss Niall.." I shook my head and realized I just Kissed Niall. p.s. he wasn't such a bad kisser, but no one was as Great as the Kissing god Liam over hear. Liam lets go of me and began's to talk away, I start to panic and then I don't think I just do. I Call out Liam's name he turns around this time with pain in his eyes. I run to him and Kiss him hard with my whole being and with all the love and passion. but he doesn't kiss back, he pulls back and then walks out. I started to cry what have I done? 

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