I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



7. This Only Happens to us!

Harry “Yes I’ll  have a water “.. I  turn around  and walk in to the kitchen, but I grab Liam’s Arm and pull him with me.. I turn around “Liam fixes your shirt” I giggle he looks down and laughs out loud.. I he start to button up his shirt.. “this only happens to us you know?” Liam said. “what do you mean?” I grab a glasses. And put ice in it.. Then I turn to Liam. “what do you mean this only happens to us?” “my parents showing up” I cock my head to the left and we both start to laugh.. “yeah it only does happen to us” I say while I’m laughing…Liam and I walk out of the kitchen and everyone is sitting down there is only one set left, of course Liam’s sits down in it. I hand Harry is water. Then I go and sit on Liam’s lap.
It was quite for about 5 minutes. Till Niall speaks up “so we all got together to talk about  the Payne Camping trip” Niall looks at me. “if you don’t feel up to camping then we can wait” I shake my head “no I am up for this Payne Camping Trip” (But I Really Hate Camping, bugs, snakes, fish, bears…)
“We know about the camping trip” Liam says.. Geoff (Liam’s Dad) “We moved it, so your sister and there families and make it” “oh that’s sounds Great” I says.. “so when did we move it to?” Liam asked.. “This Friday” Karen said. I look at Niall and Harry.. Who is watching me, then I look around everyone is watching me? Why is everyone watching me? I look back at Liam he his smiling at me. “so what do you think Megs?” . I look around the room. “Lets go for it”.. Niall Jumps up and Says YEEAAHHH BUUDDDYYY!!!  Making everyone Laugh!!  We all talked for hours.. Then Liam’s Parents left.. Then Louis and Zayn.. Harry and Niall are sleeping over, There are up watching Grease, (Niall’s favorite movie).. I put out snacks out.. “Liam I am Heading to bed” I walk over to him and kiss him on the forehead, he giggles, then pulls me back down, to him and kisses me on the mouth. Then his whispers to me “I’ll be up in a sec babe” I shake my head “no, you just cant leave them he” “why not?” Liam asks.. “cause you cant leave you guest” he smirks “ your scared of being alone with me “ I shake my head “NO I AM NOT” he stands up “really? So this doesn’t bother you?” he pulls me to him and Kisses me. Not like a peck but like a kiss filled with passion.. Before I knew it was up against a wall, I open my eyes and see Niall and Harry looking strait at us.. I push Liam away, “see I am not scared at all”  Liam looks like I just spoke a different language  “but you should sleep with you friends“ I say then walked away.. I go to are bed room.. I lay on the bed.. I let out a deep breath I didn’t even know I was holding in.. I push my self off the bed and head into the bathroom to take a shower.. About 15 minutes passed. I get out if the shower, I grab some pjs the shirt Reads Mrs. Payne! I laugh out loud about the shirt I put on some shorts and head to bed.. I get in under the covers.. I start to dowse to sleep then, the bedroom door open’s I knew it was Liam, has soon has he was in the bed I wrapped my arms around him, and I Kissed him, then I was out.. I woke up.. I have to peep so bad.. But I cant I move? This bed is too warm. I move Liam’s arm off of me then his other arm then another arm. .wait why are there three arms around me??


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