I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



6. This is Embarrassing

I LOVE YOU LIAM! Liam looks at me, and then stands up and picks me up and kisses me, I start to giggle, there was clapping in the background, we turn around and see that Harry is clapping “congrats Mate, I told you she would remember everything” .. Liam turns me around to face him again “do you Remember everything Megan?” “that’s just it I remember little bits and then some, I remember the dancing in the street, and then swimming in the ocean. Kissing on the sand.. I look down in embarrassment. it was a pretty steamy moment.. Movie Nights Toy Story 1 2 and 3.. Liam puts his hand under my chin to make me look up at him.. “Megan I am Glad your Staring to remember things, but you just said you look me, is that because of your memories or your Heart?” I smile and say “Heart” Liam kisses me again this time not stopping for and to listen so Harry talk in the background.. This was Our Moment and nothing was going to stop it.. Love kissing Liam its like? I don’t know it really great.. I know I am lame but I don’t care.. *Ding dong* *Ding Dong* the front door rings I pull a way from Liam. I start to talk away but then I stop when I realize that Harry is Still here sitting on the couch. Just smiling at me.. I look back at Liam.. But he was right behind me making me jump back falling on my butt.. I look up at him he was laughing and then I start to laugh too.. He holds his hand out to help me up.. But I had a different Idea I pull him down so I can tickle him, but he ended up falling on me making us both laugh harder, so now I was on my back and he was atop of me.. “fine I will Get the Bloody Door” Harry Said with a hint of humor.. Liam and I Where still Laughing .but has soon has Harry left the room Liam Kissed me this time with passion and something else not sure what it was but I loved it. I kissed him back.. Before I know what happened I was on top of Liam kissing him.. His hand were in my shirt, working there way up to my bra, I was so lost in the kiss that I start to pulling up his shirt.. that’s when someone cleared his throat.. I quickly look up to see not just Harry But, Louis, Niall, Zyan and Liam’s Mom and Dad.. Great I quickly get up and fix my clothes. And smiled just my luck.. I look at Harry who is laughing with Niall, and Zyan and Louis look happy, while Liam’s parent just look surprised. I turn to look at Liam.. And he just looks happy like no one can take him down. Then I look at his shirt and its open. I was going to tell him to fix it but he look to Hot.. I clear my throat anyone wants drinks?
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