I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



3. Phone Charger

I Sat down at the Kitchen table, and I put my head in my hands, What is wrong with me?. I sigh out loud that’s when Liam comes in and quickly get up and back up to the wall. Liam starts walking to me, I put my hands up in to stop him, Liam cocks his head to the right “Megs What’s Wrong?” I Shake my head “Nothing” I lied , he takes another step to where we are inches from each other, Liam puts his Hands on my Shoulders “Tell Me what’s bothering you Babe” I look him in the eyes then down at the floor. “Hey Talk to me” I look up at him and push him away. He looks taken back “Megan Talk to me what’s going on?” I take a deep breath “I want… but I was cut off and Liam’s mother walking in the kitchen, Liam turns and smiles at his mother “will be out in a minute mum” she smile and walks out of the kitchen. Liam Turns back to me “You were saying?” he Said with a Smirk on his Face has he stepped closer to me. He puts his left hand behind my neck and starts leaning in to kiss me I close my eyes and I can feel his breath on my lips. I mind kicks in Megan Stop him, what are you doing? You don’t know him, you know Better then this. I pull away last second. “Liam” I whisper. He looks at me his mouth is in a hard line. “what’s Wrong babe ?”  I look at the ground “I-I thin-k we sh-should uhh walk a-about our marrige”  he Smiles and says “We can Do that, but has long has you don’t want a divorce”  “wait what?” I said he has to he kidding. He grabs my hand and pulls me to the living room, right before I sit down he whispers into my ear “We will Talk later I Promise” I sit down and look at his parents and Liam sits down right next to me. I look around I was quite and awkward. Liam cleans his throat “So Parents what do you think of Megan here?” I slap him on the back of his head he looks at me like I was crazy.. His Mom laughs then says “I like her” she gets up and walks up to me, I stand up and she hugs me “Welcome to the Family Megan Payne” she said with a big smile on her face, I smile back “Thank you Mrs. Payne” I say. She looks at me “Call me Karen, your Family” I just hug her. I thought she would hate me. I look back at Liam and stands up and puts his arm around me. When I turn my head Liam’s Dad was there I step back in shock and he smiles and then says “Sorry about that” I smile a “and you Can Call me Geoff” I nod and say “Hello Geoff”.. he all sat down and time seem to go by really fast. Then Karen(Liam’s mum) was talking about the Family Camping trip they take every year is only and 2 weeks away. Liam promised his mum that we would go, I didn’t talk only if someone asked me a question or if I had to put my input on something.. About an hour passed by and his Parents were leaving. We said are goodbyes. And Liam and I were Alone in h.. our House and Ran up stairs and got my phone, I had 29 texts ..I run down and yell for Liam. No answer and look in the living room, he was not I look in the kitchen nope. Were was he I turn from the kitchen down. And BAM I run in to Liam, we were both on the Ground I was up top of him, I look down at him “Sorry” I said  he smile “ you okay? you sounded worried” I nod “ yeah I was wondering if you had a phone charger” he smirks “yes its right next to the bed” I laugh “didn’t even look” then it hit me I was still on up of Liam, I Look down into his Beautiful Brown Eyes, I was lost. Not even thinking I kissed him, and immediately Kissed back and I don’t know how long we were kissing my dying phone beeped and I quickly got off of Liam and picked up my phone, and ran up stairs to charge my Phone, I walk down the stairs slowly not wanting to run into Liam. When I see him sitting on the floor were we had are little make out session. I walk and sat by him. Liam looks over the me and Says “We Need To Talk”  

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