I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



5. I Love You

Liam gives Harry a Look. And Harry starts laughing. Then says “Sorry Mates I forgot that you guys are newly weds” I look at Harry’s Hand “What’s That?” pointing to the small thing in his hand.. Like a CD or DVD?
He looks at his Hand “ oh This is your Wedding Tape” its our What? I say “Liam Asked Me to Get this For you guys to watch, so you might Remember” I look at Liam, He smiles. Then  Harry starts To talk “But judging but the make out I walked into, you might not need it.” Liam just shakes his head.. “ Well shall we Watch it?” Harry said.. “if you don’t want watch this yet you don’t have to Megan.” I looked at Him. “I want to Watch it” I say with a Smile and he Leans in to Kiss me. “Well I am Still Here” Harry says stopping Liam in his tracks.. I look up at Liam he rolls his eyes. I laugh then say “ We Don’t Mind” wait did u just say that?. then I look up at Liam he looked like I just stole his candy. He Starts to Laugh then pulls me into him and Kisses me. “Ew I Guys I get” Harry laughing says.. I pull away “Liam I Really want to watch the video” Liam nods and puts the Dvd in..  then sits next to me and pulls me in to cuddle on the couch Harry was to my left.. Then wedding video Beings 

(I was in the Changing Room in my Dress. With my bridesmaids I look Happy,.. The We Are in Liam’s Changing Room there was like 6 Shirtless Guys. The hottest was Liam of course. He was talking to the camera man. Them was still Shirtless He Had a Tattoo that was that was covered with his tie.. Then last letter was “n” then Harry shows up in the video and tells the camera Guy to leave.. Then it jumps to are wedding , the bridal party walks down.. My Best Friends where all in there? Then Harry was the Best Man? I start to laugh.. Liam and Harry look at me Harry Pauses the video. They both looked worried. I say “Harry Was your Best Man?” Liam Nods and Start to Laugh . I look over to Harry and then I laugh Harder, Harry looks confused and then get just. Plays the video.. I am walking down.. I look Pretty I look to Liam he is Crying. “Liam Why are you Crying?” I sat in a quite voice.. “ just Look at you Megan” I look and I was just Me I don’t under Stand. I look at Harry he is smiling.. “ Harry Why you smiling?” “ Cause Megan Look How Hot I am?” I  roll my eyes and I look at the video. Lean is talking, and I am Crying. I look over to Liam he his mouthing what he his saying to me.. That’s when it comes Back

 (Memories) Liam and I dancing in the street, and then swimming in the ocean. Kissing on the sand.. Late Movie Nights (Toy Story).. 

I am out of it the little flashback. I look over Harry and Liam are still watching the video. I guess they didn’t know.. I look over just say the Man Says “You May Kiss your Bride Liam” was a perfect wedding.. I Love Liam I know That its not that I cant Remember its in my Heart.. That’s something that Cant Be Forgotten.. Cause Love is in my Heart not My head!! I look over and Liam “Liam I LOVE YOU“…….


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