I Woke up Married To Liam Payne



1. I am Married to you?

I woke to a pitch black room, I look to my left to see what time it was, but to my surprise my alarm clock was not there. I put the blanket over my head, and fall back asleep. Next I wake up to the sound of a door shutting, I sat up quickly feeling light headed I turn at look around. “shit” I Curse. this is not my bed room. I just out of the bed and grab a big t-shirt of the floor and put it on, I run in to the bathroom. I just and lock the door, I need to peep so badly, I turn the water on and look at my left Hand, on my ring finger it was a Big diamond ring. Like every girl I put my hand out to get a better look at it. It Was Amazing. I hear a noise down the stairs. So I run down the Stair, I was not sure what I was looking for, but when I was the black Dog eating her food. I freaked out, the dog looked at me then went back to its food. I run back up stairs back in the bedroom. Falling against the door, I began to cry in to my hands. *Beep* *Beep*  I jump up my phone. I start searching the floor for my phone there where mine and a males Clothes all over the phone. I grab them and put them in a basket. I look at the bed and there was a note on the left side pillow, I put it up and it Reads. 

 “Hello, My Beautiful Wife. I got Call in to work, and I didn’t want to wake you, You look so peaceful sleep. I will Be Home before you know it. I Love you Babe.“
~Yours Truly, Your Husband. 

“Shit, I am Married?” I say Loudly. Hundreds of Question Flooded my mind. Who Did I Marry? Where am I? “Who’s house its this?”.. I’ll just wait him out, I said to herself so Got up and started Clean the Bedroom and then Went downstairs and  Cooked and made myself some lunch. I did some laundry. And was folding it, When the Door Swung Open. I got up and jumped back.
 “I Didn’t Know you would be home so Early” I said looking down at my feet.  
He started Walking to me. I Start Backing up, Holy Shit I Was Married to Liam Payne… The Liam Payne From The Band One Direction…


I Married Liam? I Start to walk Backwards into the Wall in till my back it the wall. Liam Whispers in to my Ear “Oh how I Missed My WIFE Megan” I Was Breathless My Boyfriend Never Made me Feel like this “Oh Crap” I say, Liam look at me Worried “did I do something Wrong Babe?” I Look away “No its Just, I have a Boyfriend or I had a boyfriend,  and I don’t understand why I would get married to someone I just met” I said, he look at me and puts his Hands on my face “Babe I will Explain Everything to you, its kinda of a long story, But we have the rest of our life’s for me to explain,  Just not Right now, Trust me, Megan Everything it fine.” He started to lean into me, His Going to Kiss me at a time like this?  and then He Stop Right in font of My lips  “Sorry, I just Wanted to Kiss you, is that Alright?” I Nod. Waiting breathlessly For Him to Kiss me. He Smiled,  then Said  “Your wearing My T-shirt“.. I looked down Fast and Realize I Didn’t Change, Then looked up and Say 
“Sorry Liam I was the only thing I could find”  “I don’t have a Problem With it, You look Sexy in it” I smile nervous, while so pulled the T-shirt over my knees.. He smiled, Then He Kissed me Pushing me against the wall, I melt in to his Kiss, I Started to Kiss Back, I Lifted his Shirt putting my hands up on his back Pulling him closer to me, He took off his Shirt and throw it a Cross the room, he started to kiss my neck, and a soft moan come out of my mouth. Liam Picked me up in is Arms and carried me up the Stairs bridal style to our Bedroom and laid me on the Bed. He pulled off his Shirt off of me and I was glad, I was Wearing black  Bra and underwear, Liam climb over me, leaning into kiss me on the mouth. I Ran my Hand down his body to his Pants and I pulled at them, Liam Pulled away saying  “oh so that's how you want it to be“ he got up and started opening the door.. I said loudly
“were are you Going?”  Liam turned around  “I'll be Back” and walked out of the Room.. I Sat there Sad.. a few minutes later, he came in with white roses he looked at the Bed “Megan Where you At?”. Liam turned around I pushed him  against, “are these for me?” he smiles I put the roses down, I pushed Wall kissing him. “Your So Sweet, How did you know I loved white roses?“ .he picked Me up and put me back Down on the bed  “Cause you told me silly” he lean over me and kissing me, I kiss back, I start tugging at his Clothes, he smirked and stood up, he looked at me and your eyes never leaving each others. Liam Started to Take off his pants and underwear, and then did the Same to my bra and underwear. “Your So Beautiful Babe” Liam Nearly Whispers…

*Cliff  Hanger* What will Happen Next? 

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