I Woke up Married To Liam Payne




Game on

I sat in our room crying it's been 3 hours since I kissed Naill, I feel like shit, why did I kiss him?

(flashback) I walk into Liam's house, there is a car out front that I don't recognize, I walk in the kitchen and drop the box of pizza in my hand, I quickly step back and then I ran out, to my car and start to drive, I don't even think Liam saw me. Why the hell was he kissing Danielle ?" (flashback over)

I walk out of the bedroom, to get some food when I hear Liam and Harry Talking About me? So I press my ear to the kitchen door. "you can't be really still mad at Megan can you?" Harry said "no " Said Liam "then why are you down here and not up there?" Harry said. "because mate I have a plan." Liam said. " what kind of plan mate?" Nail said. "let's just say, it's going to be a fun game for me." He said it was going to be a fun game for he? What was Liam up to? I walk away from the door and start to make myself a sandwich, the word that Liam said kept planning in my head over and over. I heard the kitchen door open, and then I heard

Niall said he was hunger. I frozen when I heard Liam's voice, I turn around and start to walk away from them when I feel a hand on my upper arm, I stop and turn around to see Liam with a smirk on his face. Wow he looks for gorgeous I just want to.. Wait NO I am mad at him or something, he remove his hand and then he looks me straight in the eyes, he started to lean in to kiss me, when he stopped. And took my sandwich, taking a bit before putting it back on the plate, then walking away. I stood there looking like a school girl wanting to me kissed. I quickly walked out of the kitchen running up to my room, what the Hell did he just do? Why would he almost kiss me then not? Something was up and I am going find out what it is. It was about 20 minutes later when Liam came in "the guys are done, but they will be coming back in a couple hours, I am going to shower" Liam said and I just nodded. I look back down to the book I was reading. When I looked back up Liam was just in his boxers. My mouth dropped open, and I cleared my throat that was dry. Liam looked at me and smirk, but I just kept looking over Liam's body his muscle shoulders and then down his chest to his.. Package my eyes just stopped there. When Liam said "so I take it you like it?" I shake my head and then look down at my book, has I hear Liam laughing has he walks into the Bathroom, not shutting the door, I hear the water turn on and then I sighed, I was happy he was in the shower. About 15 minutes pass and the water stops and Liam comes out in just a towel, he was still wet and the water dropped from his wet hair, I tried not to look at him for too long, but he saw me and then walked closer to me and then there he was right in front of me just in a towel and looking down at me. The water from his hair started to fall onto my forehead, he started to move in to kiss me and then he quickly pulled away from me going to his closet to get his clothes. That's it I can't stand it, why is he doing that? He knows I wanted to kiss him, and he wants to kiss me, so why is he stopping? It is because of the Niall thing? or is it the game? Well, Liam two can play this game. I get out of the bed and put on my Mrs.Payne t-shirt dress. I talk down to the living room where Harry and Niall were sitting watch tv. I sat in Liam's chair. he walks down the stairs and I get up and smile at him, he smiles back with a confused look on his face. he was probably wondering why I was happy. I sits down on his lap and at first he froze, but quickly related putting hands around me, he started to kiss my neck, I relaxed into his hard chest and then it hit me this is all a game. so its time to play, I get up and touched his chest and sat on the chair right in front. he got up and kissed me hard on the mouth, the first thing I wanted to do was kiss him back, but I didn't. he pulled away and then said "damn it Kiss me" that's it I need to know, to know the game was over. I stood up and kiss him back this time with all that I had, "Get it " Harry said. Liam turns around and tell Harry to shut up. Liam and I go back to what we were doing, when the front door swung open we pull away, to see who it was and it was Holly. Liam looks at Holly with so much anger,i laugh and walk over to her and hug her. "it's good to see you Meg, you ready for the camping trip?" Holly says. "we are but, your not coming, Holly " Liam said, Harry stands up. ""I invited her" Harry Says..

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