when will it end

hannah and em get sucked in a portal to africa and has to help get a family back together again


1. starts with racing and a book

ill race you i said to my best freind hannah ''no'' she said you always win how is that fair i said back well if you practice youll get better and you might beat me this time i finished i chuckled so not gonna happen we race and of course i win but where is hannah i wonder i walked back i fell in this world it looks just like our world but ''africa'' hannah yells we are in africa i say annoyingly and sweetly i see that why though we try going back but we coudnt a book flew to us that says your adventure it has a picture of a kangaroo on the cover hannahs favorite animal of all time gret i say we will never leave hannah screams and almost makes me deaf ''yay'' i wispered ''BOO''and i wasnt joking i hate animals but boo for me ''boo hoo hoo''

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