when will it end

hannah and em get sucked in a portal to africa and has to help get a family back together again


3. no phone no text

i told hannah my idea maybe if i can text my parents on my phone then they can race go here like we did they can do the adventure and we can have a vacation...works out perfectly ''doesnt it'' i reached in my phone pocket and tried to grab my phone but it wasnt there ''where is my phone''i demanded at hannah ''maybe the elephant took it i think that elaphent is evil'' be serios hannah a elaphent didnt take my phone ''welll with no phone no text so scrach out that idea said hannah ''no i say we will not give up'' and then i thought ''my dad goes the way we raced every shopping trip maybe when he goes tonight the car will come in and hell see us he will pick us up then go home ''great idea em'' said hannah so we waited (and waited)

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