Harry Style's Stylist

Image Being New in England, And Harry Styles Walks in your store, and asked you to be his Stylist.. but you do't know who Harry his. and before you know your in love with him... but will his lifestyle stop you from being with him?


3. Who I am Dating?

“ Imagine Dating Him” 

Harry and I Sit Back Down After We Post A Picture of Him and I on Instagram #BritishBoyFriend.. 
The Scary movie was over be For I Knew it, and to tell the Truth I was scared out of my mind… I look to Harry he is just sitting there smiling, “So Harry Tell Me about your Self, and What Kind of Style are you looking for?” Harry Looks at me and Says “I Want A James Bond Look” He Said with a smirk on his Face, I Start to laugh “ Okay I just design and Style people I don’t ask Questions” I said while laughing. And to my surprise Harry Starts to Laugh has well. His phone beeps and he looks down at it is smile quickly faded and his face turned hard, mad even.  A look that worried me even, He look up at me and back to his phone, “ Harry? is Everything okay?” I put my Hand on his Shoulder. He looks up and me and nods putting a fake smile on his face. I fake smile back at him,
Harry Stands up and Says “Stella I have to Go, but I See you tomorrow” I Nod and Say “Sure I Walk you out” I open the door and he hugs me and then his says “Stay Safe” then smiles and walk to his Car. I shut and lock the door, and then ran up stairs, running in to my room and lock that door to and walk into the bathroom and take a quick shower, then up in to my bed and I hid under the covers and text Harry “Harry I am Freaking out” I start  putting my phone down but I got a text “I am Coming Over, Don’t move” -H xx….I quickly Text him Back “No need I am just a bit creep out about the mov…” Before I could finish the Text my Door Bell Rings.. I Quickly Get up, I run down the Stairs and unlock the door say “Um That Was Quick Harry” But it was not Harry, But two Man With Guns, I try shutting the door but the man with the blonde and pushes it open,  hitting me in the head, knocking me on the floor hard. And that’s when I BLACKED OUT… I Wake up tide to A Chair, with a Bandana in my Mouth, and Might I add it was a ugly looking one and it smelt bad too, I gagged.. And the Guy with black hair turned to me and said.. “Well Looky looky here blue she is awake” he had a British accent and I look over the that over Guy, Blue I guess and he has a knife in his hand, (Wait that’s my knife from my kitchen set my Best Friend Gave me).. Now he has done it.. I am a black belt in kick But.. I try to  talk and the over guy Blue comes close to me and says “ don’t worry We not going to hurt you yet” I lean back the only thing worst then this  dirty bandana in my mouth his this Guys Breath. I keep moving in till the bandana falls to me chest.. ”What do you Want From me?” I Say  out of breath voice,  the men look shocked and Blue? Gets up and say “We Don’t Want you, But your Boyfriend”.  “My Boyfriend?” I ask. The other guy Laughs “ Good looking! British Accent?” I Whisper “Harry” What do there want with him?…….



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