Harry Style's Stylist

Image Being New in England, And Harry Styles Walks in your store, and asked you to be his Stylist.. but you do't know who Harry his. and before you know your in love with him... but will his lifestyle stop you from being with him?


4. Who I am Dating? (part two)

I sat there thinking about Harry and why they wanted him.. Was he a spy? A prince? Was he a murder? Why did they want him? 

I start thinking I need to get out of here before Harry Comes. “ um can I use the Bathroom Please?” I Ask both of the men turn around and look confused then one of them gets up and unties me “Make it quick” he said and just like that let me go how stupid of them this is my house and everything.
 I grab the phone and run into the bathroom and call the police, 

then I walk out and sit back in the chair, one of the man come over to me and pick up the rope and in that moment.. Harry Comes in. the man drops the rope and pulls out his gun while the other man is already standing with is gun out and ready.. Harry looked at them and then went strait to me. Then looked at my head “What did they do to you?” wait was is he move not dead yet? “ Harry there Want to kill you, I am just the Bait” I says in a whispered Voice, Harry Just Laughs “Stella they are my 
Bodyguards Blue and Walker” he said pointing to each one of them.

 I quickly stand up “then why did they tie me up? I cocks his head to the left, then turns around to face them “Why Did you tie Her up and what’s up with the big bruise on her head?” Harry Said Madly, Which was Really Hot wait now is not the time.. 

One of the man Walker? I think sets up and speaks “Mr. Styles Sir, W-When you sent us the um Text Message you um, you Said Get the Girl “  Harry just Shakes his head “ I Meant to Make sure she was safe not to beat her up and tie here to the chair, your Both Fired” Harry said with balled fists.

 both of the men nod and “Yes sir” and the start to walk out “ Wait” I say  And Blue, Walker and Harry Stop and look at me, “ Don’t Fired them Harry they were just doing there job, I was just a big misunderstanding” Harry cocks his head in confusion, then  nods and  looks to them “Blue, Walker you Guys are unfired, like Stella said it was a misunderstanding” both of the men Smile and like 6 year boys getting a bike on Christmas morning “ Thank you Sir!” Said Walker “ Thank you Mr. Styles and Ma’ma!” I nod.

 The a loud voice come though a megaphone  “Please Put your hands about your head,” the front door fly’s open, all of us look to the door it was the police, I start Laughing the one of the policeman come over to me and pull Harry away from me, making Harry fall hard on the Floor, “Ms are you alright?” I nod and the rest of the Police start handcuffing, Harry and his Bodyguards, I stand up about to say something when one of the Police offers Speaks “Mr. Styles? Sir what are you Doing here?, “this thing is a Big misunderstanding she (pointing to me) is my Girlfriend, and those to two guys are my bodyguards that I sent here to keep her safe and they misunderstand what I said“…. Harry Kept Talking and Talking till like 2 hours Later the police Left and his Walker and Blue (His Bodyguards)

 so it was just Harry and I, I look at Harry “Explain Now” Harry nods then leaves goes in the  kitchen, then comes out with a bag of ice. He puts it on my swollen Face. We both sit on the Couch and I Say “Harry” he nods.. He opens his mouth and then closes it………..    

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