Harry Style's Stylist

Image Being New in England, And Harry Styles Walks in your store, and asked you to be his Stylist.. but you do't know who Harry his. and before you know your in love with him... but will his lifestyle stop you from being with him?


2. Two Dates in one Night

We Get off The Plane Holding hands. I was so confused on what was happened. “Do you want to go and Grab dinner With me Stella?” Harry Said. I look up at him And Say “No, Sorry” his smile Disappeared off his Face. I let go of his hand. “Did I Do something Wrong?” Harry Said. I shake my Head, “No no  its just That” I was cut off, Harry’s lips where on mine I close my eyes, but all to soon he pulled away, I open my eyes and see Harry smile down at me.  “Sorry, you were saying?” I was out of breath…” um yeah I was saying t-that  um” (my thought) Damn it I cant I remember what I was saying, that stupid kiss, his a good kisser no Fantastic kisser.. “ I cant Date my First Customer” Harry slightly tilts his hand to the left.. “Why not?” Harry asked. “Cause” I State  “Cause What Stella?” He pulled me Close. “Just Go to Dinner with Me” I thought to myself  He’s nice my parents like him, he has a British accent, and He seem to like me, and He is just Down Right Handsome. so why not? “YES I Go to dinner with you Harry” he leans in  “Harry” he turns and reply’s back “Naill ” they hug, I look around feeling awkward. “How are you Mate?” Naill ask “I am Great,  just got back” Harry Said. “ “oh this is my Girlfriend Stella“ Harry also Said “Congratulations Mate!” Naill Said  “How have you Been?” Harry Asked “ I’ve been Great, I am Going on Vacation with My Family” He Turns and points to his Family and Girl Friend Elaine , they Wave the Two guys have Back. I Turn and start to walk off, I Feel a hand on my Right arm then Harry Says “Where are you Going?”. He pulls me Back to him, I lose my balance falling in to Harry’s Chest. He  rapped his around me.. He laughed, I was so embarrassed I just back up quickly. Harry grabs my hand and he turns to Naill. Naill sticks out his hand and says “Nice To Meet you Stella, You’re the First Girl I have meet of Harry’s” he looks up to Harry and Smirks.. I say “Nice to Meet you Naill But I am Just simply a Friend of Harry who happens to be a Girl” Niall tilts his Head and Says “American girl? ” Harry nod and Niall laughs then hugs me and Whispers to me “Take Care of him Stella” he pulls away and Hugs Harry and then Leaves to go on his way.. Then Harry Says “Lets Go Stella, We have a Date, and I am Hungry” We Sat there at the Restraint. I sat there across from Harry and I looked everywhere but at him. He Grabbed my Hand and Said “you nervous?” I Nod No “don’t be love” he said I Smile then look down at the Menu its in German Why is it in German?. ”Its Everything alright Love?” Harry asked with a Smirk showing of his dimples “ umm I don’t speak German” I say. “ I’ll just order for you Love” I smile and the say “um Thanks Harry” he look me in the eyes and Smiles. them pulls my hand up to his mouth and kisses it, “Why do you Call me Love?“ I ask  “cause when I look at you it’s the first think that pops into my head” I bit my lip.. The waitress come to the table “Hello My name is Lana , and I start you guys off with Drinks? Harry orders the Drinks he spoke in German.  And the Lana walks away I look at him. He gives a Shy Smile, he looked Really Cute.. “ of course You Know German” say. He Nods and the Says “ I Do, I all so know Italian.” 
“Wow” I Says.. our Drinks get here and he orders our Food………….
After a hour or so. Harry and I Leave the restaurant. I Calm into his car after he opens the door for me. He clams in and say “Were do you live?” I give him my address..

I get out of the car, and I turn back and Thank Harry.. I start to walk, I feel bad for not inviting him in, but there are Boxes everywhere. Unlock the down and walk in. I run up stair and start the bathtub. I start taking off my clothes. The door bell goes off I turn off the water. And quickly grab a over sized  black t-Shirt that has the word “Sleeper” in neon Pink. I open the Door and it was Harry Smiling With a Too Cups of tea and a movie(“Film“) and he just walks in, I say “Sure come in” he his looking around my house “you have a nice home, but it’s a bit boxy for me” he said with a smile on his face. “I don’t Want to be Rude, But Why are you Here?” he turns around and says “I Don’t want my Girl Friend to spend the first Day in London and Alone” I smile “So Stella Where is your is you living room” I point in the direction. And he starts to walk. He turns around “where are you Going Stella?” “I am Going to my Room to put some pants on” he smirks “oh love you don’t need to put pants on because of me” I roll my eyes and walk up the stairs. I put pants on and grab my home I have 7 messages. I sigh and being to read them 
“Hey Stella I hope you Made it There alright” -Emma 
“I already Miss you.” “Text Me when you Get there” -Mom.
“Safe Trip Baby Girl” - Dad
“Hey Stella Congrat on your Store, Sorry I didn’t say Good-Bye. Connor Told Me he Meant your boyfriend? I am happy to hear your moving on, after I broke up with YOU.” -Leo (My Ex)
“That Little Bitch” I Say in a loud whisper
I text my mom back.. And walk down the Stairs. Then see Harry Sitting on the cough on his phone. I walk he puts his phone down “I was starting to wonder if you were okay up there” I Smile  and Sit Down Right next to him “So Harry what are we watching?” “it’s a surprise” he said he its Play the Words “SREAM” cross the TV.. Half way through the movie I my Phone beeps Making me jump up, and Harry laugh. I grab my phone and Harry pauses the movie. “it’s a txt message” I tell Harry he stands up “I know I am just going to make some popcorn” I nod I look at the text message “Are you Really Dating That Guy?” -Leo I roll my eyes and text him Back “that’s none of you business”  I start putting my phone in my pocket. Then it beeps again I look at it “I knew you Couldn’t Be Dating so Soon after I Broke up with you” - Leo. I sigh then punch in “I do have a boyfriend his name his Harry, and right now he here with me and we are Kinda Busy Making out so I have to Go” “If he was there you would not be tenting me” -Leo 
“Your Right, but he making popcorn” “Sure then prove it, put a picture on Instagram of you And him” -Leo “I don’t have to prove any thing to you” “your right cause you lying” -Leo I start Texting back when I here a Voice “lets do it” I jump and  quickly turn and Harry, his face is about 2 inches from mine, I quickly look to his lips and back up to his eyes. “do what?” I Say out of breathe, he smirks them bites his bottom lip “what you sent you ex” I cut him off and kiss him. I pull back and say sorry. He Closes the space between us and pulls me closer to him them he Whispers “I was thinking the picture, but I like this more” he leans in are lips are about to touch, my phone be to rings.. Harry pulls away and says “Damm it” he takes my phone out of my Hand and Answers it “Hello” “No this is Her Boyfriend” ’Who are you?”  “Leo Who?”  “Your Stella Ex Huh?” Harry Shoots me a Smirk that says I am Going to have a bit of fun. Harry starts to walk around  the Room “You Guys Dated for 6 years” “You Broke up with Here” I Roll my eyes that’s the only thing he thinks about. “ What did we Do today?” Harry puts the phone down on his upper Chest and says ‘this Guys so noise I Laugh “well Mate I don’t like to kiss and Tell you know what I Mean?” Leo says something and Harry Laughs “Well She My Girlfriend, But thanks for the advice” “Well if you don’t mind we are in the middle of a date night” Yeah yeah man it was nice talking to you to” then Harry Hangs up. “well that was fun” Harry said handing me my phone. I laugh yeah “imagine Dating him” we both Laugh.

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