Harry Style's Stylist

Image Being New in England, And Harry Styles Walks in your store, and asked you to be his Stylist.. but you do't know who Harry his. and before you know your in love with him... but will his lifestyle stop you from being with him?


1. Meeting Harry


  Its my First day, as the owner of Stella’s Fashion. I am at the store getting it Ready . My own fashion Store in London. I am living the Dream. The Front Door open’s and I turn around to greet the customer. To tell the customer that we are not open for two weeks . It was A Male? About 5’10” dark Curly Hair, thin, but nicely built. Hi I’m Harry!  He had a Low strong British accent. He Smile and I Realized he had Dimples. .then it hit me.. He was holding his Hand out. So I shook it.. Hello My Name is Stella.. Hello Stella. He smirked  Harry Said your new in Town Right? I nod then say not Really I been here off and on for three years, but I am moving here in about a week. Harry has a hard and confused look on his Face… so I explain.. Well I Came here to London From America 3 Years ago, has a Fashion Student.. It was a Program that my College had, it was only a 2 year program.. I was only here  in London for about 16 months.. Harry just looked at me, with a smile on his Face with those dimples, I look away and start playing with my hands.. I was nervous? Why was I Nervous?.. Harry cleans his throat.. I was wondering if you, or your Store I guess, does Men’s Fashion? I look at him.. I Sure Do!! He smiles, Good Cause I Need some  Help with My Fashion.. I scan him up and Down. He was Wearing a Red and Black Plaid shirt, that Came Down mid arm Folded up a little...not cause it was to big, but because it was warm out...he was also wearing Black Skinny jeans. And a Dark Red pair of converse.. I liked what he was wearing.. So I ask him why do you want to change your look? He says I just want a more formal look.. Okay well I am leaving tomorrow and I will be about in 6 days, will it be alright If we talk we I get back? Harry nods and says oh Yeah I would love that.. I smile and turn and grab a business Card and a pen then I write my cell number on the back.. Here you Go, my cell is on the Back of the Card if you have any question...he takes it and Smirks.. why is he smirking? Not that I have a problem with it.. He looks at me and I realized he has Green eyes. It was Really nice Meeting you Stella! Harry Said in a strong British Accent.. And it was Really great to meet you Harry! My phone Starts to Ring.. And by the ring-tone I can Tell its my Best Friend Emma! I Smile and Harry Says you Going to Get that? I nod oh yeah! I press Talk on the phone and Answer It (Me)Hello!… (Emma) Hey Stella! I Look up to see Harry Waving Good-Bye.. I wave back..(Me) What’s Up Emma?… (Emma) I am in your apartment packing some of your Stuff up, and you Will not Believe What I found!. (Me) What?.. (Emma) Your First Fashion sketchbook, its Gorgeous Stella!!  (Me) I Start Laughing Sure it is Emma.. She Starts Laughing.. (Emma) So how Was your Day? (Me) it Was Great. I am at the Store just looking over things Getting things Ready, and All that good stuff.. and a Guy Walks in.. A Cute Guy…with A British Accent!! (Emma) Please Tell me you did not Marry Him? She Said jokingly  (Me) ha no Emma you would have been there for the Wedding! (Emma) Good.. You were Here For My wedding its only Far that I be there for yours, But Any who tell me more about this Guy!.. I Tell Her Everything.. from the way he dressed to the Dimples on his Face.. I Get my suitcase and head to the Airport. My phone Starts to ring.. I look at it, and I don’t know the number so I don’t pick it up, I put it back in my pocket.. Than it  “ding” I Take it out of my pocket. I have a voicemail.. I can’t listen to it know, I am about go on the plane, I turn of my phone and put it in my pockets…I set down on the plane, and it hits me. what if it was the really cute guy from the store.. ooh what was his name?.. its killing me, how did I For get his name?.. I open my purse and take out my book and open it to the book mark.. Lean back and start reading.. What kind of book are you reading? A  Deep British voice said.. That voice sound so familiar.. I turn and its Him the Guy From the Store.. Umm?? Harry. I Say Harry out Loud.. Happy I remember his name.. but embarrassed I Said it out Loud.. Hi Stella He Said loudly, Making me laugh a Little.. I ask What are you Doing here? I am Going to Visit My Sister.. Me Being Stupid  oh does she Work on the plane. I Start looking around. As if I knew what she looked like and knew her . He laughs out loud.. Yep!! she is Flying the Plane.. Really? I Say Surprised .. No she lives in the U.S.  California 
Oh I Live in California Too.. Really? he asked looking Surprised and Happy.. Yep. I am Really Missouri.. But I move to California for College.. Well!! Stella!! We have to meet up, some where in California.. I Nod, and say. for sure.. He starts to walk away I pick up my book and began Reading it.. I Feel a warm Breath against my Ear I just sit here, if you don’t mind Stella? I look at him.. I don’t mind.. 35 mins pass and I feel him looking at me, which makes it hard to read my book. he leans in again  then asks.. what kind of book is that?.. I look at him, it’s a Romance novel.. I smirk and turn back to the book.. then he says I like it! I Turn to Harry.. What?… it’s a Nice Story Stella! I’ve been Reading it over your shoulder and let me tell you that your kinda a slow Reader.. I am not a slow Reader.. You Try Reading a book with a pair of eye on you. Harry laugh’s.. and most of the people in the plane look at us.. then Harry smiles at everyone ..he come close again.. Sorry Stella! Its Fine I say.. But in my mind I am cursing him out.. I give him the book.. Here read it.. He smirks what about you? I look at him.. I am Going to sleep a hate plane rides ..he laughs Really? Yep I hate heights and Fast moving things.. And your in a plane? Yeah I know crazy right?  Just a little, but you’ll keep you safe.. I look away and smile. Then close my eyes. I wake up with my head on Harry’s Left Shoulder.. I bolt up Realizing I Just Slept on Harry’s shoulder and I  look around.. I am still on the Bloody plane, But why is it Raining? It always rains, when I am in the plane. Good-evening  Stella! Harry Says in the Deep British Accent of his.. I smile.. I was just asleep on his shoulder and he didn’t mind? I look at his lap and my book was still there he’s more then half way through it.. He looks at me then back to his lap.. it’s a Great Book!! I Smirk What time is it? Its 4p.m. I straiten up and Get my phone its still off.. Of course it is.. A voice come over the speakers we will be landing in 15mins.. I sigh. What’s Wrong Stella? Harry Asked.. I thought he was Going to say. Alright Everyone don’t panic, we just got struck by lighting and we are going down.. bucket up!! Harry laughs then shouts the book.. Is that what your nightmare was about?.. I nod and then look away..  I feel a hand on my right shoulder … pulling me to him.. I sat there with his arms around me.. I felt safe and warm in his arms.. Plane landed.. I walk out with Harry, He had a Backpack and my Suitcase.. I was not sure why he had my suitcase but I thought it was sweet of him.. Then I see Emma Holding a sign that Says “Miss Stella”.. I Run up to Her and Give her a Big hug.. Emma starts to cry, which makes me Cry.. Emma clears her throat, then Says Hello? I Turn around and See Harry, Standing there with my Suitcase. Oh I am So Sorry Harry, I says with a Frown on my Face.. He Smiles and says its fine love.. I smile and take my suitcase from him.. He looks to Emma who has a Confused expansion on her Face.. Hi! I’m Harry! He Says Smiling.. Emma looks to me “he’s cute”  she Says in a very loud whisper.. “I am Emma”  she Said While shaking his Hand.. “Well Emma is Was Nice to Meet you!” Harry Said. Harry Hugged  Me and Said “Bye I’ll see you later, my sister is here” I Hug him Back, and Say “Bye Harry” With a Smile on my Face.. He meets up with his Sister.. Emma and I pass him on are Way out.. He looks over to us and smiles then waves, we wave Back.. We are out the airport Doors.. Heading to Emma’s Car.. Emma Turns to me “So tell me what’s up with you and Harry? I turn and Say “nothing” She Smirks “fine!! Don’t Tell me. But ill get it out of you sooner or later.. I Say “Okay, Good Luck, there’s nothing Going on” We get back to my House.. I Look around and Start crying.. Emma looks at me ‘What’s Wrong?” I Can’t Believe I am moving away.. Emma Hugs me and Says “I Better be able to Visit”.  “you so will” I say… Emma and I walk out the house.. I lock the Front Door, then step back , I look up and the home I once lived in.. and I take out my phone and took a picture of it, then I realized I have 18 messages 7 Missed Calls and 4 voicemails.. I check my messages… 5 From  Mom, 3 From  Dad, 2 from Emma and 8 from unknown number. I Read the Text from My Parents.. Then Emma’s, then from the unknown number which turned to be From Harry Styles. I read them and They make me laugh.. Emma comes up and Says you okay “Stella?” I turn Round and Says “Yes, I am just checking the messages on my phone” Stella Why you smile? Wait did British Boy Text you?” I nod and look down.. Emma Starts jumping up and Down While saying “You Got A Boyfriend” I roll my eyes then say “ Lets Go”………. Before I know it I was my last Day in the United States of  America, Well for a while.. I am at my parents house sitting in my old Bedroom on my Bed, I Hear a knock on the Door.. “Come in u yelled” My mom comes in and sits.. “Your Father and I are Going to miss you“  I hug my Mom and say “I am Going to Miss you Guys Too“.. about 5 mins passed My mom says “ get up and Take a Shower, there’s a man here with a British Accent, ummm he said his name was Harry? I Believe.” I look up at my mom “Harry??” do you know him Stella?” I nod And the say “yes” my mom got up and say “go take that shower we have a very big plans for to day!” I get up and open my suitcase, grabbing a dark pink v neck t-shirt and a pair of black skinny Jeans.. Then head to the bathroom.. About 20 mins later I am done.. I check my phone. There’s two messages! one from Emma “HERE J” and the other one is From Harry “Hey Stella J”. I put my phone Down, then head Downstairs  and there’s like 50 people here. There’s a Banner that Says WE WILL YOU STELLA!! I walk in to the living room and everyone is staring at me.. I wave awkwardly. At Everyone.. All my childhood Friends and Family, Even my Exes where there, I smile as Emma Starts Making my Way to me.. I see someone move in the corner of my Eye, I look and sitting in a Chair is Harry, he look so Relaxed and Happy? we make eye contact, And Harry Smirks making me Blush. I look up and Thank God Black.. Emma Grabs My arm and pulls me into the Crowd of people to my Good-Bye  Cake that Said. Good-Bye Stella. Which made me Sad.. I am in front of the Cake and someone yells “SPEECH”.. and the Whole Room was Quit and all eyes were on me.. I smile then start talking “Well First of All thank you all For Coming!!. Thank you Mom And Dad For this party, and For Believing in me For encouraging me to Follow my Dreams, (I Start to Cry) I am Going to you Guys!! “WE ARE GOING TO MISS YOU TO!!” Connor Yells and more Tears Fall down my Face I look and around and most of my Female friends are Crying and a couple of my Good Guy Friends. I wipe  my Tears away.. And say “Lets Party!!!” My Mom Brings about another Cake, But this one Said “Happy Birthday Stella” there were 23 Candles all lit up.. Everyone Started Sing Happy Birthday to you………. I Bend down to blow out the Candles, someone Grabs my hair and pulls it back, so it doesn’t catch fire.. I blow them out!! Everyone claps I stand up and shyly Smile. I look over thinking Emma grabbed my Hair, But to my Surprise it was Harry. Harry Whispers’ in my Ear “Happy Birthday Stella!”  he lets go of my Hair and I Say “t-Thank you: in a shaky voice. He Smirks.. It Came Time For me to Leave.. I am at the Airport.. I turn and Hug my Mom and Dad Goodbye.. I Was Crying.. I Turn to Hug My Best Friend Emma Goodbye…”Plane 416 is now Boarding” I look to them and say “That’s Me Guys” My Dad Hugs me and Says  “Safe Trip” he Gives me a Kiss on the Forehead..  My mom Gives me one last  hug.. before I know it I was sitting on the plane.. I closed my eyes, Has we took off.. I Fell asleep.. I woke up to someone putting a blanket on me. “Sorry I didn’t mean to Wake you Love” I Open my Eyes the Voice sounded So familiar.. And it Was Harry!! He Was Smiling Down at me. “When did you Get on the Plane?”  I ask, he Said “I Was late getting on the plane Something Came up” I look at him and Smile Will I am Glad your on the plane.. I close my Eyes.. I Harry plus me in to his chest. Then whispers “ I’ll Keep you safe”

End of Chapter One!!! 

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