Harry Style's Stylist

Image Being New in England, And Harry Styles Walks in your store, and asked you to be his Stylist.. but you do't know who Harry his. and before you know your in love with him... but will his lifestyle stop you from being with him?


5. I don't want to know

But before he could say anything, I stop him “Harry I don’t Want to know, has long as your not a murder. Wait are you?” he smiles and there are those beautiful Dimples “ No I am Not a Murder” I was happy about that… a week later I was in my store, Harry was coming in to get fitted and measured. The door dings. I look up and it was l girl about 15 and her mother about 40 or so.. The mother stopped at the desks and said “My daughter it having a sweet 16 birthday Party in a week and the other store said that what we wanted was impossible to have done In a week,” I nod “ so What is this impossible thing?” the mother showed me to different dress one was short and the other was long then said “ she want the two of them into one dress” I look at the girl she look sad.. “ Well its possible, I have an awesome team here” I look at the girl and she is smiling like she just show zac effon shirtless. So I took the girl in to the fitting room. I asked her name “it’s  Millie” “Well Millie I am Stella” I said, she smile and walks in to the fitting room it scans your body and it’s the measurements for us. (You leave your underwear on) I hand her the robe and I leave the room so she can get changed we  were talking  about colors for her dress turns out she’s a Skateboarder, she was talking to me when the door dinged I look up and there he was in Blue jeans and a white sweater, and his hair was perfectly messed up, damn he looks So Perfect. Millie Get up and takes out her phone and asked him for a picture, and he said yes.. Well I thought he was hot but I wont just go up to him and ask for a picture these Brits are weird I thought. “ I be with you in a minute” I say “Take your Time Stella” I said smile with those Dimples.. Millie comes back to the table and was way to busy looking at Harry, I had to asks her every question twice. She then turns to me, “Harry seems to Really like you, he Keeps looking at you” I smile and say “ yeah?” I say and she nods “Do you know Harry?” she asked Me “ Yep he is My Boyfriend” I say and she looks at me “ your Dating Harry Styles?” I look at the shocked how does she know who He is? I nod and then she takes out her phone and takes a picture of me. She stands up and said “thank you Stella, I be back in 5 days” I nod and say “ your Welcome”  and her and her mother Left.. “that was weird” I said out loud..
Then I felt hand around my waist. I know who it was. I look up and yeah I was right it Was Harry. “ Hi” he said in the deep British voice of his that was just down right sexy.. “Hey” I sat back, I look around and all the staff are talking pictures. I pull away from Harry. “lets get your Measurements” I walk in to the fitting room.. He Starts talking off his Shirt.. “WHAT are you Doing Harry?” he smiles “ taking off my shirt” he said simply. “why?” I said  “so you can Take my measurements”  I left so stupid “Oh yeah Right” I start walking to the machine table board. I was pulled back, be for I knew it was Harry’s hard Chest, I had like 20 tattoos and to butterflies in his chest. I put my hand on his chest, and he moans I look up at him. And the Beautiful Green eyes had me, I Was so done of Harry’s Lips her on mine, I kissed back without thinking.. Harry picks me up, I wrap my legs around my his waist. I was against the wall. Then my it hits me I am at work. I pull away and drop to the floor I was weak cause I fell to my knees Harry picked me back up till I was stand.. “Sorry Stella I-I  j-just u-” “its fine Harry” I looked so God Damn Sexy right no. Harry Step in the machine. Walker walks in I look at him and he smiles” Hello Stella” I says “ Hello Walker” “ is Harry in there?’ he said pointing to the machine. I nod. He walks to the machine and just opens its.. Sir Harry We Need to Go they Found you” and Walks out of the machine “ um Harry your not done yet,” he comes close to me and looking down at me. “Sorry Babe, I’ll Be back” I nod all I want to do his kiss him. But Thank God Walker was there or who knew what would happen, For goodness sakes he was just in his CC Boxers, Harry walks away and puts his pants on and then his shirt, then he was back by me before I knew it and he kissed me I kissed back, but all to soon, he pulled a way.. And was gone.   


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