With All My Heart

Mary live in Paris and goes to Daley High School which she is a senior at. Her friends, Sadie and Anna tell her to not go for the bad boy of the town, but what happens? She goes for him anyways. Will this be a true love story or will they break each other down?


1. It's my life

Mary's POV

I walked into school with my bestfriends, Sadie and Anna next to me. "Where were you last night Mary? We went to your apartment and you weren't there!" Sadie asked. "Umm, I was out." is all that I could reply without getting chewed out by my friends for going to see the bad boy of this city, Niall James Horan. They think he just uses me. I get that I go to his place every night and we have many rounds of sex, but I love him and nobody will ever be able to change that. "Mary! Were you at his fucking house again you dumbass! Your such a whore Mary! Why do you like him so much? Why not go for someone like you? Your in the top of the senior class, you have a 4.0 GPA and your willing to sacrifice all that for him Mary?" my friends blurted at me. "I know that you think that he is the worst thing for me right now, but I love him guys! I really do! He's me everything. Yes, we do have sex every night but it is my choice and it's my life!" I yelled as I stormed all down the hallway towards first period. I was getting glares as I walked down the hallway because everyone knows that I am with the bad boy of this city. I get to first period and slam my things down on the desk. "Mrs.Edge, that is unnecessary behavior! If you don't get rid of that attitude you will be in detention everyday after school this week." Mrs.Brown shouted. I can't stand teachers here, they act like they know me or something! Ha! Like they know anything. I kept to myself all of the period until the bell rang. I picked up my things and walked towards the place where I always meet Sadie and Anna after first period. "So, can we expect to meet Niall at some point, so we can see if he really is good for you Mary?" ____________________________________________

Sorry this chapter is really short! I just wanna get the fanfic started and I want y'all's opinion on if I should keep writing this fanfic!

Thanks! XOXOXO Kayla

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