Young Olympians- Book 1 - Heir of Zeus

If anyone tells you I am a normal, everyday, 15 year old girl. They are lying. That is far from the truth. You would think that's a bit far fetched too. Especially when you are born with colorful tattoos and can see a man know one else can see. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I soon found out who I was, who I was born to become. But there is a slight problem in that destiny. So being the Heir of Zeus is going to be harder than it looks.


3. Tattoos

    I sit up fast in my bed screaming. I could feel the sweat running down my face and as instinct I put my hands over my head. All I could say to myself was that it was just a dream. But I wish I could believe it. Because every detail in that dream was real. It was a memory. 5 years ago they had died. And I haven't slept without having that dream once. 

     Had a bad dream? I heard in the corner of my room. I turned my head quick and I saw him. Like every kiiler movie, he was sitting on my dresser. I just sat there, wondering what to do. It was like I was stuck in a trance. "Zayn? Are you alright?" Valerie yelled from down the stairs. I didn't know what to do. Tell my sister an invisible man that I can only see is in my room. Tell that didn't sound as seven year as I thought. 

     "I'm fine Valerie." "I heard you scream." she said, sounding like she was coming up the stairs. I ran to the door and locked it. "It's fine Valerie." I looked back in the corner to se him still there, staring at me. "Zayn, I am coming in there. Blind or not, I still need to know what going on." she started shake the knob on the door and banged. "Open up!"

     I had to ask him quickly before she came inside. "Who are you? And what do you want?" I asked thinking he could read my mind. Wow. My project fifteen year of age today. "I am going to ask you again. What do you want?" I want nothing but to see you off to school. Make sure you don't get hurt, you know. Normal stuff. "What's normal about a random man that know one can see but me, sending a girl out to school?Well, to me it's normal because you see me everyday. I just want to make sure no damage happens to my project. Now you better hurry. Your sister might try and run through the wall if you don't open the door. And with that, in a fog of black smoke, he disappered.

     "Zayn Chrissa Strong! You better open this door or i'll..." I opened the door before Valerie made another bang and said "You'll what? Tell mom and dad? Well, they are dead I must remind." I walked to my clothes drawer. "And the door was open the whole time, you just had to turn it twice to open it." "Sorry." she said in an apoligetic voice. "You were acting as if someone was in here. Like you were trying to hide them for some reason." "Why would I be hiding anyone?" "Because of the hospital thing when you were 10." "It has nothing to do with that!" I realized I had yelled and scared my sister. I sat on my bed slowly.

     "Ok. Then what is on your mind?" Valerie sad trying her best not to be scared by the yelling. "I just...feel like it's my fault your not in college." I had to make up a lie for her to believe. "Zayn." she sat next to me on the bed. "I decided to not go to college because I wanted to take care of you. It was my own desicion. Now I am going to make sure the car is clean. Get dressed and I will take you to school. And yes I am calling a taxi again."  I went into the bathroom and took of my shirt. Don't get any ideas for those of you with perverted minds. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw the tattoos. 

     Oh. I forgot to mention that. Yes, I have tattoos. Born with them. It is completely different from a birthmark. I mean, have you ever seen a colorful birthmark? But the thing is that it's all over my body. Face, arms, head, everywhere. I have know idea how I got them or why. I just have them.  I runned my fingers around the eagle on my back. The eagle has these beautiful lightning bolts that corse it's wings. I soon put on my jacket and shirt. I still wonder this everytime I everytime I see them. Why do none of my family members have this? 

     "You'll be ok today Zayn?" Valerie asked as I was getting dropped off to school. "I'll be fine." "I just want to know..." "I said I'll be fine." We sat silent in the taxi. "Ok. I'll see you later." I closed the door of the taxi and it was of to my world of torture.

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