Young Olympians- Book 1 - Heir of Zeus

If anyone tells you I am a normal, everyday, 15 year old girl. They are lying. That is far from the truth. You would think that's a bit far fetched too. Especially when you are born with colorful tattoos and can see a man know one else can see. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I soon found out who I was, who I was born to become. But there is a slight problem in that destiny. So being the Heir of Zeus is going to be harder than it looks.


2. Man in the Shadows

“Where am I?” I say as I open my eyes. I am soon catch the smell of clorax and sickness in the air. I was in a hospital. But why? I look in front of me to find a doctor sitting in a chair. She was very stout and had bright red hair. So bright, I was almost blinded looking at her. She smelled of an overdose of hairspray (still wondering if that's good or bad). “Hello, my name is Brenda. I need to ask you a few questions.” she said in a calm voice. “Ok…?” I say unsure of what is going on. “What is your name?” “Zayn. Zayn Strong.” “Ok…” Brenda said as she took notes on her notepad. “How old are you?” “10 years old today.” 

     She looked at me. “Zayn, are you aware of the date?” “Janurary 1st. Why?” She placed her clipboard on the table next to her and looked at me with concern. “You have been asleep for nearly a week.” I stared at her in shock. One whole week. How… “Zayn, do you remember anything about what happened the day of your birthday?” I sat up in my hospital bed and soon everything came back to me. 

     It came back in pictures. My parents were fighting in the house, I had screamed and everything in the house went black. The lights had turned on and I found my parents out cold on the ground. I soon see a man next to me and a light falls onto my head and I blackout.  “Zayn? Zayn? Are your with me?” Brenda said snapping my out of my trance. “Yeah. I am.” I soon see Valerie run into the room. Being my older sister, she looked beautiful. I would call her a goddess when I was younger. Her dark brown came down to her legs and her freckles from when she was younger showed. She became blind when I was around 5, but I didn't care. All that matter was if I could see her beauty. Even if she couldn't see her own.

“Zayn!” She said with relief in her voice. She ran up to me and gave me a hug. I embraced back, happy that she wasn't there. “I thought you ended up like mom and dad.” I pushed her away. “What...happened to mom and dad?” I asked with a little anger in my tone. She looked at me. “Zayn, you only had a minor concussion. But mom and dad…” I didn’t let her finish. I jumped out of the hospital bed  and ran to find my parents. I wasn't attached to any wires if you think I ripped them off. I knew I was being chased, but I had to find them. I soon stopped in my tracks. Right infront of my face, I saw my parents. Dead.

     I wacthed as they took started to cover my parents. I started to ball my fist. If only they didn’t argue. If only I hadn't gotten mad. If only they were alive. I soon felt an hand on my shoulder. I look up to find Valerie trying her best not to cry. “It will be alright Zayn, I will take care of you from now on.” She said with a tear rolling down her face. She soon holds me tight in her arms and she cried. But as I looked over her shoulder, I saw a man. He had faded blue jeans and a black hoddie. But that wasn’t even what scared me. What scared me was the man had no face. His face was a pure blank. 

     “Valerie? Do you see that man over there?” I asked pointing to the man. “No, I don’t see anyone. Are you sure you are ok?” “Yes, I’m fine.” I said as I looked back at the man. He took out something from his pocket. It looked like a locket. He opened it and showed me the picture. I stared to become covered in sweat and felt hot. It was a picture of me. I wacthed as the image changed to look like the way I am now. The other side of the locket seemed empty. But when the man touched it, I screamed in pain. A strange stinging sensation went all in my head. All I knew happened, was that I was surrounded by doctors. You are so weak now, but you are almost ready. “Ready for what? Who are you?” I screamed without thinking. My sister looked at me with worry in her eyes. You will learn soon enough Zayn. Soon enough. 

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