Young Olympians- Book 1 - Heir of Zeus

If anyone tells you I am a normal, everyday, 15 year old girl. They are lying. That is far from the truth. You would think that's a bit far fetched too. Especially when you are born with colorful tattoos and can see a man know one else can see. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I soon found out who I was, who I was born to become. But there is a slight problem in that destiny. So being the Heir of Zeus is going to be harder than it looks.


1. BEWARE: Must Read Before Anything

Do not skip this part of the book. I know the usual notes to readers are just stuff about why the person made the book. But this is just a warning. Listen, you were brave enough to start reading this, so I am giving you a choice. You can continue reading and live with the burden of never being safe ever again, or you can throw this book away and pretend you never saw this. I will give you 10 seconds.


Congratulations for those of you who have continued reading. If you are just reading for the heck of it and have nothing else to do, you were stupid to because you are going to have something to do when I am done with you. Now listen up. Don't take what I am saying for granted. Because this will soon be apart of your life. Now I must ask you something. And this is very important.

Do you know who the Greek gods are? Well, yeah. Probably in your history class at school. But what I mean is do you know them. Truly know them. Because I do. I have met them. And the thing is the apart of us, apart of me. When I found out what I was, I wasn't excited like most people would be. But I soon had to learn to run. Because whoever I talked to would be in danger. Even you right now are in danger. I wouldn't be surprised if someone comes knocking on your door this very moment.

Running is the only thing that keeps us alive. Keeps us safe. I haven't been able to go to school, or get a job, or even stay in one place because of what is happening to us. Our lives have changed since we learned about who we are. I guess you are wondering why. Well, I will tell you. But you must no tell anyone. I, my friend, am an Olympian.

                            Be safe,
                                        Zayn and the rest of the Young Olympians

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