This story may start out like every other one, with a simple girl who may have some life problems. If that was related to this story, then that's a very light description. Only 16 years old, Hannah Parker tries to seem like your average girl, she has straight A's, a nice boyfriend and a couple of friends and even so she keeps mainly to herself. At least he does with her dark secrets. Family rivalry, jail, cheating, lying, and murder...Hannah has nowhere to run, and no one to talk to. On top of all that, she learns a surprising secret that is the most important one to keep. Until one person, an unlikely one at that, finally knows it all. Hannah thought she might have to take matters into her own hands once again with him, until he gives a highly strange proposition.

Want to know more? Read to find out.


2. Prologue


"It's really you." His eyes were bloodshot and black hair was in different directions. He had obviously not slept last night, or had-for a very little time.

I stared in awe, at the person in front of me, who stared right on back. What was he thinking? Was he mad, angry? Most likely. But the pronouncement on his face, said different. He looked happy. Not what I was expecting.

"I..." I couldn't manage to say anything. "I..." I tried again, but my mind was completely empty except for questions. He found me. How did he find me? He was still looking, all this time? What is he going to do? I couldn't think of words that could be put together to say something to him. What would I say even if?

"I found you." His voice cracked. He stared down to the porch floor. "I never thought..." He paused. "I never though that I'd ever see you again."

"Th-That makes two of us." Was the first thing I said. He looked back up at me.

"I've been searching on and on," he began to walk towards me and I started to walk backwards. "And now I've finally found-"

The door behind me swung open. Thayer.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in a stern voice. No one said anything. Thayer took a step closer to him. "Liam..." He then sounded slightly startled, like I was. But he turned back to serious quickly. "What are you doing here?" His voice was again, stern. He wasn't nervous. Its like he had prepared for this.

Liam stood there, with the most shocked looked on his face. "You!" He said, with a sort of disgusted tone. "Why are you here?" Liam shouted. "You stole her from me?" He questioned, very loudly. Liam took a step forward. He was now barely a foot away from Thayer. Liam was taller than Thayer, you could tell, but it didn't make Thayer look any less intimidating. "You lied to me! You lied to my face and told me she was dead!" Liam was shouting.

"What?" I gasped. They both turned to look at me, who was standing behind and slightly to the left of Thayer. Thayer squeezed his eyes tight and exhaled deeply, looking guilty. "You told him I was dead?" How could Thayer do that?

"Hannah, go inside." Was all he said. Now, he wasn't looking at me. He was staring out at the grass, a few feet away from where we were standing-on the porch. He knew I was staring at him, but he didn't look back at me. When I said nothing, he ordered again. "Hannah!" His voice was raised. As he shouted, he had turned to look at me. He could tell I was hurt, so he had the same representation on his face as well and trying to have order.

I slowly took a step backwards towards the door behind me. I turned and opened the door, slowly creeping inside the house.

"Hannah." It was Liam. I froze, mid-way in/out out the house. I didn't say anything. I couldn't. When he assumed I wouldn't say anything, he spoke again. "What happened?" I felt a swell of tears build up on the brink of my eyelids. "Why did you leave?" I closed my eyes, getting a quick glance, back to the last time I had seen him.

So long ago. He'd seemed like he should have changed, but he hadn't. Not at all. Well, except for the obvious sleep deprived-ness.

When I opened my eyes again, a tear slid down my face. I couldn't take it.

I ran inside, not looking back at either of them. The memories that I had tried so hard to supress, now are resurfacing.

What had I done? How could I have just left him?


There were obvious reasons why I left him, and couldn't tell him why.

I was pregnant.

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