This story may start out like every other one, with a simple girl who may have some life problems. If that was related to this story, then that's a very light description. Only 16 years old, Hannah Parker tries to seem like your average girl, she has straight A's, a nice boyfriend and a couple of friends and even so she keeps mainly to herself. At least he does with her dark secrets. Family rivalry, jail, cheating, lying, and murder...Hannah has nowhere to run, and no one to talk to. On top of all that, she learns a surprising secret that is the most important one to keep. Until one person, an unlikely one at that, finally knows it all. Hannah thought she might have to take matters into her own hands once again with him, until he gives a highly strange proposition.

Want to know more? Read to find out.


3. Chapter One

Chapter One:

2 Years Earlier

Finally, after what seemed like years, the period is finally over. Most of the class I wasn't even listening. I really couldn't care less right now about who won this battle, and who won that war. Now I have gym.

I pass between tight hallways stuffed fill with students all the way from freshmen to seniors. Me being a junior, I knew my way around the school easily, even with herds of students mixed in.

I walked through the gym doors almost immediately before the bell rang. The gym was pretty big, larger than most other high school one's were. There were many groups scattered around the room. Usually consisting of around 4-8 people, it seemed. Some were sitting on the high bleachers, some sitting on lower levels of them, and others were just standing in some places, chatting and laughing.

There was one group though, mixed with girls and boys, crowding around the farthest basketball hoop, playing a small game of three on four. Someone makes a basket. The one who made the shot whooped and then shouted, "See that? That is how you play basketball!" He said, sounding teasingly cocky. "Beat that." He said to his girlfriend, who was standing in front of him, laughing along.

He turned to see me and waved. "Hey Hannah!" His blond hair was partially sticking to his forehead with sweat. His cheeks had a red tint to them, as he had been playing hard.

I waved back to him. "Hey Danny." He smiled.

"Why don't you play? We can make the teams even." He pointed to his opposing team, standing a few feet away, taking a water break. "You might be able to help your boy-friends sad, losing team." He joked. I laughed.

At that moment, one person, a boy, with black, sleek hair, and light blue eyes turned around and smiled. "Ok-ok. In my defense, you have two other guys on your team. I'm stuck with two girls." The two girls he was talking about, were listening, and put their hands on their hips and sassed, making me laugh.

"Well excuse me." I played. He chuckled and walked over to me.

"Ah, you know I'm just kidding." He said, putting both his hands around my waist, looking into my eyes.

Even though I was tall, he was still a few inches taller. I stood up slightly on my tippy-toes and kissed him. "I know." I said. I walked away, to be in the center of the rest of the teams.

Standing there was, Michaela -Danny's girlfriend-, Danny obviously, Sadie and her boyfriend Nathan, and then Charlie and Alexis-who are twins.

On Liam's team there was Alexis and Michaela and then on Danny's team there was Charlie, Nathan, and Sadie.

I was good friends with Danny, Michaela, Nathan and Charlie, but I didn't really know Alexis and Sadie.

I was going to be on Liam's team but as soon as we were about to start, the coach blowed his whistle.

The rest of gym class, we were playing basketball aswell, but we didn't get to pick the teams. I was fortunately with Liam, but there were other people I didn't know aswell. Other than me and Liam, there was two boys and a girl. I knew that one of the boys names was Thayer, but I didn't know the other two people.

It was always awkward whenever I was put into some kind of group for anything with Thayer.

You can say that we had a sort-of, history. I mean not like history like we dated and stuff like that. No. I mean it like we used to be friends.

I could tell that he felt almost as awkward as me, seeing as he wouldn't even glance past me, just looking to the sides around us or at the ground.

"Okay," Liam said. He started to make a 'plan' on how we were going to play. I found out that the other boy's name was Boone and the girl's name was Sarah. Neither of them had played basketball on a real team. Liam gave out positions for everyone, and we began to play. I had only seen Thayer play basketball a few times, it was in gym, a couple of years ago. He was very good, and now it seemed like he was even better. Liam didn't seem to know him so I guessed that Thayer hadn't been on a basketball team for the school.

We won all three games that we played, Liam taking the lead as point-guard with the best fakes and passes. I mean don't get me wrong, he scored a lot of points, but still Thayer was better. Thayer scored the majority of the points from practically anywhere on the court. His defense was the best too, he was concentrating on just making the best of this so it would seem the time would be passing quicker and he could get out of this class faster, probably.

I had played on basketball teams for the school for the past three years and even before that from kindergarten to the last year of middle school, I played on the parks and rec. team. I think I only scored like four or five baskets through out the whole period. Liam and Thayer were mostly working together. Boone and Sarah each got the ball basically only once or twice. Liam was kind of a ball hog.

It was strange, seeing them together. Thayer and Liam, I mean. They had never talked to each other before yet they played on the court as if they were friends, two jocks, big-shots. I had only realized then how similar they were. They looked nothing alike, but still in a way it was strange how their personalities met in so many different aspects.

When the period was over, I went back into the locker room without even saying a work to Liam. Michaela and Alexis were laughing with each other and changing back into their preppy tops about 10 lockers down from me. I didn't bother changing. It was last period anyway, and I was going home. I grabbed my stuff from the small upper locker and scurried out the doors before any of my friends could catch up with me.

When I got out of the locker room I didn't stop advancing to the gym doors, though I slowed my pace to walking. I had scrambled to put everything in my bag and it was all messy. I just tried to shove everything down in my bag so it didn't look too unorganized.

"It's weird you know," A voice said. A familiar one at that. Thayer was talking to me.

I had stopped walking and turning me head slightly to look at him. "What?"

He was in the same style of clothes that he was even years ago, back when I saw him, everyday. A red plain tee-shirt with a small logo in the right shoulder section, and light khaki pants. Always a random tee-shirt and sometimes a hoodie thrown over it. And always, always, khaki's. That's what he wore every day higher we were friends. And still now. The khakis looked good on him though. He was staring at the ground, hands in his pockets. The more I stared at him the more I realized he hadn't changed at all.

"You and I, I mean." He had raised his shoulders and moved him head to the side when he said it. He was so nonchalant about it. Not like when he was nervous in the beginning of class. He was calm. "We haven't," He paused. "We haven't spoken, in like, a year. At least." He glanced up at me.

He was right. I hadn't even seen him in so long. I didn't even realize that he was in my gym class. Then I realized something else.

He was beautiful.

As soon as I said it in my mind I thought, why did I think that'. But I really couldn't shake that idea. He was so informal, but he really was beautiful. His hair was pushed up in the front in a nice way, though I didn't even know what you call it. It was blond but it looked like he had died it that way. There were tints of golden, or dirty-blond hair at the bottom but he really was blond. I usually didn't like brown eyes, but his, they had this strange way of how they looked on his face with his hair aswell, and they were perfect.

"Well, we both kind of know why that happened." I said, looking away embarrassed that I had been staring at him for awhile and not realized how long. It must have been for like 15 seconds or something. I mean thats a short time but if your staring at someone for that long after they said something to you, its awkward.

"Yeah, yeah. I remember." I could hear him breath heavily through his nose.

"We were so young. 8th grade. Thats-thats like forever ago."

"Three years." He reminded me. "Almost."

We both kind of stood in silence for awhile. "What do you think would have even happened if I had agreed? Would it make any differnce?"

"Of course it would have made a difference!" He half shouted. There was still a lot of people around us, but none seemed to notice us. I had a slightly shocked face, and he took account of that. He took a step closer to me. "I just saying, that everything would have changed. It would make the biggest difference, than now."

"But I didn't say okay. Okay? That night, you asked me two things. Both of which we were too young to do." I said.

"Who cares if we were only 13?"

I didn't really know what to say. "You were 14."

"Yeah. I was. But either way, I didn't care. I asked you to date me, because I wanted to date you." He emphasized the 'you' part. "I had already began to love you, and it didn't matter that we were young. Your sixteen now, and I'm seventeen. That wouldn't have made a difference. It's just that didn't feel the same way." What he had said was reminding me of the night where he had asked me.

"Yeah i didn't. It was weird. You were my best friend and then all of a sudden you were like, 'oh hey, yeah I want to go out with you'. What did you expect me to say?"

"To say yes."

We hadn't talked in over a year, and our first conversation was an argument.

"It wasn't crazy." He tried to convince me.

"It might not have been, but what you asked me before that was." I know that he might have meant it but I had just got him irritated about it.

He glanced kind of sideways. "Yeah. It was." He began to walk away.

"Thayer." I said. I had kept telling him basically how crazy he was. And now I felt bad, he just had high hopes. Very, high hopes.

He turned around, and was slowly walking backwards. He held up his right arm as he spoke. "Oh yeah, and don't forget, Hannah, what you had told me that night. I certainly didn't." Crap. "And how is that going now?" He gave a devilish smirk, a one where I had only seen once. It was one where he was asking a very annoying rhetorical question, that totally pissed me off, and he gave the face where it made him look like a total ass.

He turned back around and walked straight out the door, shoving them both open, each with one hand. And then he disappeared into the wave of teens in the hallway.

"Just great." I said, angrily sarcastic. "Thanks so much for asking."

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