Exploring Life

4 teens named, Alex, Mike, June, and Danny go against what their family want to find out what they want!


2. 1

    I opened my eyes to see my boring room. I hated my room. My mom designed it and she's a lawyer so she thought black and white would be perfect for her little girl. Then my mom walked in "good morning" "good morning" I replied back. "So today you're going look at law schools, right?" I Don't want to be a lawyer, but having two lawyers for parents they didn't give me much of a choice. "yeah" I lied. I was really going to a field by a forest. I liked to go there to think. "Why don't you get dressed and I'll make you some breakfast then you can head out." "ok" She smiled at me and left. My mom got me a pantsuit to wear whenever I did ANYTHIG law related. I put it on, put my long hair up, grabbed the briefcase my dad got me as a graduating present, put different clothes in it, and headed down stairs. "That was fast, I didn't even get to start making you breakfast!" my mom said. "No, no it's ok. I'm not hungry." I really wasn't. "Ok well good luck." "thanks. Bye dad." "bye." replied my dad after taking a sip of his coffee. Then I left.


    After I walked to a gas station and changed I started heading to the field. When I got there their was a boy and a girl around my age talking. "hey girlie, come sit with us." The girl yelled. I went and sat with them. "hi" "hello" the boy responded "yo" the girl replied "You'll have to excuse Alex, She's hardheaded." "shut-up" "Are you guys siblings?" "no" "I'm Mike."  "Alex" "I'm June" "Like the month?" The girl, Alex, asked. "Yeah like the month." Then a boy around our age came jogging out of the woods. He saw me and smiled, I smiled back., but then he came over. "Hi" "I'm Alex" "I'm Mike" "I'm Danny" "do you have dreams of being a doctor, Danny?" Alex asked. "Yes, actually" " huh, she's never right." I laughed at what Mike said, but then Alex elbowed him. "And you?" "What's my name or do I dream of being a doctor?" "your name" he laughed. "June." "Like the month!" Alex added "I say we sit here and talk about what sucks in our lives." Mike said "Well my parents are teachers so that's what they want me to be." Alex said then Danny sat down. "what do you want?" I asked "to be in a band" "cool" "Same situation as Alex both of my parents are paleontologists." "And you want to?" "be a teacher" "Danny?" "Same situation, my dad was football star and my mom was a cheerleader, so they want me to be a star football player too." "And we know you want be a doctor, so that leaves June." Alex said. "Oddly enough same situation, both of my parents are lawyers." "And you want to?" Danny asked me "be an artist."


    After that we talked some more and exchanged numbers and left. And I have to admit it was awesome to talk to people in my same situation.    

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