Amber Wilson is an average teenage girl that thinks she's on top of the world. Her parents finally let her go on a skiing trip in Seattle with her two best friends, Dylan and Julie. Then she gets captured by a vampire and changed into a vampire, and there's no going back. What happens when the vampires decide to keep her? Why does she want to die? What happens to Amber when the police investigate where she is? What happens when a boy that she's convinced is a monster changes all of that?


7. Wrong

When I get up, I automatically grin. I gotta ask mom and dad if I can go to the mountains with Julie and Dylan today! I think happily. I gotta text them to meet me at Starbucks. That was a weird dream. No more twilight before I go to sleep. I'm about to get off the bed when I feel an arm around my waist. I freeze and turn, seeing the my dream. Derrick. He was focused on a drawing he was sketching against the pillow. He didn't seem to remember I was there. I reach out and brush my fingers gently against his face. He seemed so real and perfect. Then I sit up and the sheet falls to my lap. I only had on my bra. I look around the dark room, sinking my nails into the sheets. Okay, this was getting freaky. I look at the full length mirror across the room and flaming red eyes stare back at me, face framed by luscious auburn hair. It takes all my energy not to scream. My pale skin seemed to shimmer in the dark as I push my hand through my silky hair. I felt like crying. It wasn't a dream. I think dully. It was all real. It's all real. I get up and run across the hall into the bathroom, closing the door and pressing my head against the wall. I was sleeping with......a monster. I look in the mirror. You're a monster. I whisper, sinking my nails into my face and tearing them out. I wanted to feel sweet pain, but all my razor nails felt against my face was like feathers brushing my skin. I look at my cheek and it's completely normal. Not even a scar. The door suddenly opens and I don't even bother to move. I lazily look up, expecting to see Leslie or Derrick, but it's Seth. His eyes flicker up and down my body and I slap him across the face. He doesn't even flinch, just grins at me and closes the door. He taps my chin and I back away, disgusted. Baby girl, you got with Derrick already? Man, I wanted to get you in my bed first. He winks at me, and anger floods every crevice of my body. I didn't have sex with him. I snarl. I'm a virgin, you conceited bastard. He smiles wide. Makes it all the better. You say, want a test drive? Before I can reply, he forces his lips against mine, pressing me against the wall. With ease, I push him off of me and he falls into the bathtub. Then I remember something that almost made me faint. Seth. I say hauntingly. I woke up this morning. That means....... He stares at me, mouth agape. You slept? Can you teach me? We gotta go tell Leslie! He leaps up and almost darts out the door before I stop him. Were you really that quick to cheat on Kylie already? I cross my arms and he smirks seductively. Sometimes I can't handle myself, baby girl. He leans down and starts kissing me. I kiss him back and I feel him smile. He wraps his arms around me, fumbling with the hook of my bra. I back up quickly, disgusted at what I'd just done. I couldn't believe I already betrayed Kylie. We'll finish this later. He winks and I narrow my eyes. Don't tell anyone about this. I'm serious Seth. It could mean hell for you and me. He nods in understanding. Lighten up and trust me a little more babe. I snarl at him once before walking back into Derrick's room and closing the door. The second the door clicks shut, Derrick's arms wrap around my waist and he breathes against my ear. I thought you ran away. He breathes gently. I break out of his embrace and cross my arms. And why would I do that? Cause you're Amber. He grins. Damn, why did he have to be so cute? He's a monster Amber. I remind myself. A cold blooded, deadly monster who's within very close kissing range. I back up a little and walk to his window seat against the wall and I sit on the cushioned seat, watching the sun rise. He watches me for a moment. I' right back. He darts out the door before I can stop him. Barely two seconds pass before he's back with his arms full of clothes. He dumps them on the ground and closes the door. Um, like I don't know what you like, so um, I brought clothes from Kylie, Lena, and Leslie's rooms to see what I can, uh, buy you when we go out later. Then his eyes widen. T...that is I...if you want to.... I laugh my new tinkly laugh, and it makes him smile. It's fine Derrick, thank you. And sure, I'd like to leave this house. He looks at me funny. You're a weird newborn. I shrug and bend down, starting to sort through the clothes. They were so different. Kylie was more like bohemian modern. Her clothes were like tan shorts and lime green tank tops with combat boots and nerd glasses, then sleeveless orange maxi dresses and white flats. But then Lena was the total opposite. She was sexy school girl and formal chic. Her clothes were more like black tube top and pleated skirt with knee high boots, then baby blue dresses that end just below her butt with white wedges. Leslie was completely unlike her daughters. She had long sleeved polka dot see through blouses with black capris and a purple sweater with flowered pants. I decide on a little from Lena, Kylie, and Leslie. I wear a pink and white polka dot dress from Lena, tan wedges from Kylie, and a navy sweater from Leslie. You're......beautiful. He grins. I smirk a little. Then he groans. What's wrong? I ask worriedly. He takes a deep breath, and in a flash, three packs of blood are thrown at me. I catch them and look at him curiously. Drink up. He says huskily. Cause you're going to be around a lot of humans. I suck in air. Finally. He was going to give me the right to see people. I wanted to see my parents, Julie, Dylan, my boyfriend, everybody. After I drink the blood, I take Derrick's hand and walk out the door. The breeze blew some of the hair off my shoulders and I felt like a super model. My hair never felt this silky. He takes me to a small coffeehouse and I sit across from him. He gets super serious. You have to act normal. His voice is so low no human ear could've heard what he said. Cross your legs, laugh, talk slower so people see your lips, sip your coffee every few minuets, run a hand through your hair, walk at a normal pace, stuff you used to do. Like now. I'm going to go to the bathroom and be normal. You try. He raps the table with his fingers and weaves his way to the back. The waitress comes by and smiles at me, red ponytail swishing behind her head. I could hear the blood pulsing in her veins, and I swallow. What would you like? I bite my lip, thinking of what I used to love. A medium chocolate latte with extra whip cream and a large white chocolate ice tea. Thank you. She nods and smiles again. I look into her eyes and see that her left eye was green and her right eye was half blue half green. It wasn't noticeable to the normal eye, but it stood out to me. Hey......I read her tag. Lindsay? She turns around. Yes? I noticed that one of your eyes is half blue and half green. She covers her eye with her hand and looks at me in astonishment. did you see that? I shrug. It's beautiful. She blushes and looks down before walking away. Is start playing on my phone when I hear something. I look up and see him. My ex boyfriend Tyler. He looks at me, face pale. Amber?

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