Amber Wilson is an average teenage girl that thinks she's on top of the world. Her parents finally let her go on a skiing trip in Seattle with her two best friends, Dylan and Julie. Then she gets captured by a vampire and changed into a vampire, and there's no going back. What happens when the vampires decide to keep her? Why does she want to die? What happens to Amber when the police investigate where she is? What happens when a boy that she's convinced is a monster changes all of that?


1. The Guide

Here's Wingman's Gorge! The guide, Patrick, says, gesturing over the edge of the seemingly never ending pit. The tour group gasps with glee and snaps pictures. I bite my lip, looking at the cliff with genuine interest. Amber, is it? I look up at Patrick and blush a little. Uh, I mean, yeah. He was so hot. I brush my auburn bangs out of my eyes and smile a little. Is there a question you would like to ask? I bite my lip and grip my pen, getting ready to write on my notepad. His green eyes meet mine, making my stomach lurch. How deep is the Gorge? I ask, peeking over the side. He laughs. About Seven miles deep and two miles wide. The group murmurs and I push my way to the front until I'm right in front of Patrick. His green eyes sparkle with amusement as he looks down at me. Anything else? I hesitate, but flip pages in my notebook. Is the expansion caused by the shifting of tectonic plates? A volcanic eruption from the Pangea days? The...... He puts a hand over mine, making my heart jump. Baby girl you got a lot of questions. He says huskily. I blush hard, brushing my bangs out of my eyes shyly. He cups his hands over his mouth. Let's go to the cabin for lunch, yeah? The crowd turns and moves towards the direction of the cabins. As I turn, his fingers brush against the strip of skin under my white sweater under my lavender and turquoise ski jacket. My heart thumps and I turn back at him. Want to grab a drink with me at my cabin at six? He takes my pencil and notepad, scribbling down his number. Bye Amber. He whispers in my ear before walking through the fallen snow to the cabins. Uh, what was that? Julie asks, fitting her white beanie once again over her blonde hair. Are you gonna go to his cabin? Dylan asks excitingly, pulling her black ski gloves up. I smile. Do you think I should? Julie's eyes widen. Have you gone mad Amber? You don't even know the guy! He could rape you! Dylan snorts and rolls her eyes. Lighten up, Jules! Come on we'll help you! Giggling, Dylan tugs my wrist and yanks me to our cabin, Julie trudging behind us in the snow.

I sit on Dylan's bed. Guys, I don't know what to wear! Julie sits on the top bunk, swinging her legs. Uh, I think that's where we come in. Dylan? Dylan grins and throws open her closet. She starts flipping through her clothes. Do you think it should be sexy? Casual? Fresh? Oh I know! Slutty! Julie rolls her eyes and opens her closet. I'll find something for you honey. Dylan! Find something......pretty. Piles of clothes get thrown at my feet. Wear this. I change into a yellow sundress and light brown sandals, pulling my hair into a bouncy ponytail. Perfect! Julie squeals, clapping her hands. Dylan looks at her like she lost her mind. It's SNOWING. So? Julie leans against the cabin door. You try something then. She shrugs. Don't mind if I do. I dress in a brown leather jacket with a white turtleneck that crops above my stomach, showing my belly button. I pull on a white, gray, and brown pleated skirt with gray knee high boots and knee socks. She curls my hair so the top is pinned up and the rest falls in auburn ringlets down my back. She gives me a little makeup and golden feather earrings. To finish it, she takes off Julie's white beanie and fits it on my hair. Thanks Dyl! I give her a hug. I gotta go! I dash out into the snow to Patrick's cabin.

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