Amber Wilson is an average teenage girl that thinks she's on top of the world. Her parents finally let her go on a skiing trip in Seattle with her two best friends, Dylan and Julie. Then she gets captured by a vampire and changed into a vampire, and there's no going back. What happens when the vampires decide to keep her? Why does she want to die? What happens to Amber when the police investigate where she is? What happens when a boy that she's convinced is a monster changes all of that?


2. So Wrong

I knock on the door, shivering. He opens it, wearing a tight long sleeve navy shirt and black pants. He was so sexy. He looked at me and smiled. Hey baby. He brushes a curl back from my face and let's me in, closing the door. He brushes my bangs out of my eyes and I blush, following him into his kitchen. He hands me a glass of champagne and we toast, drinking. His thumb idly brushes my cheek. I really like you Amber. He says softly. I lean in and brush my lips against his, smiling. His face goes soft. Come on, I wanna show you something. He helps me off my chair and I follow him out into the snow. As I brush snowflakes off my hair, he leads me to the Gorge. I start to shiver. Babe, you're freezing! He takes off his jacket and wraps it around my shoulders and I smile gratefully. He bends down and ties his shoe. Then he kisses the strip of skin under my sweater softly, making me blush. He stands up and takes my waist, pulling me to him. He crashes his lips onto mine passionately. I kiss him back, pushing my hands into his dark curly locks. He hooks his thumbs into the waist band of my skirt, making me gasp into his mouth. He smiles against the kiss and lifts his hands to cup my face. Then I can't breathe. My feet aren't on the ground anymore and I'm hanging over the gorge, Patrick holding my neck. Patrick! I gasp as I feebly scratch at his hands and kick. He smiles at me wickedly and his green eyes seem to.......dissolve. They're now a flaming red, and I get light-headed. He bares his teeth at me and they were pointy and sharp. What are you? I whisper as snowflakes fall on my lashes, blinding me. My car keys fall off my belt into the gorge. I don't hear them fall. Then I remembered what Patrick told us this morning.

"It's seven miles deep and two miles wide."

I start screaming loudly and frantically. He crushes my airway with his fist. Shut up, you little bitch! He seethes. Tears silently tumble down my cheeks. Why me? I whisper as my bracelet falls into the gorge. He looks at me and smiles. Baby girl, since I'm going to kill you, I'm a vampire. I couldn't breathe. No. Vampires didn't exist. Yet one was standing in front of me, eerily pale skin, flaming red eyes, pointy teeth, and impeccable strength. I had to be punked. I had to. This is a dream. I fell asleep after reading twilight. In a few minuets I'm going to wake up and ask my parents if I can go to the mountains with Julie and Dylan. Then everything's going to be alright. this awful man in front of me is going to be gone. But it felt very real to me. I close my eyes and sink my nails into my skin. All it does is leave two purple nail dents in my arm. The wind tosses my auburn curls and I hold my beanie onto my head. This was not a dream. This was real. Then I start to beg. Don't kill me, please. I beg, plead, and cry. He smiles at me and in between one of my rants about my dream to get married on the beach, he sinks his teeth into my neck. I immediately go limp as I literally feel the blood drain out of my body. Then he stops. I feel his tongue slide over my neck and he stares at me. Bye baby girl. He says huskily, grinning before tossing me into the gorge.

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