Amber Wilson is an average teenage girl that thinks she's on top of the world. Her parents finally let her go on a skiing trip in Seattle with her two best friends, Dylan and Julie. Then she gets captured by a vampire and changed into a vampire, and there's no going back. What happens when the vampires decide to keep her? Why does she want to die? What happens to Amber when the police investigate where she is? What happens when a boy that she's convinced is a monster changes all of that?


5. Lena and Ryder

I start to scream and try to sob, but I can't. My eyes are dry. I collapse onto the floor, but Derrick catches me before I can fall. He picks me up and carries me into a living area and sits on the couch, pulling me to his body and stroking my auburn hair away from my scalp as I sob. The rest of the family quickly slips in and watches him calm me down, and I relax into his arms. I push my hands into my face, unable to look at anyone. I feel Leslie's hand on my hair. Honey, want to see what you look like? I bite my lip and look into the full length mirror. I'm expecting to see my round, light blue eyes gazing back at me, but tinted pink because I cried. I expect to see my auburn bangs almost covering my left eye, the rest in slight waves down my back. I expect to look at my figure and my chest; then scowl. I was always too skinny, and I've been an A cup for two years. But then I gasp. I see a drop dead gorgeous girl in the mirror, moving the way I moved. I was prettier than Leslie and Kylie. I was even prettier than Lena! My figure had filled out to where I wasn't skinny, and I wasn't fat. I was now a C cup, and my eyes were flaming red, staring back at me. My bangs were gone, now they were the cute half bangs i always wanted. My hair was in perfect curls down my back, prettier than even Lena's. I had grown and inch or so, and I guess I used to be to Derrick's chest- that's how tall I remember to feel anyway- and now I was slightly under his jaw. The only thing that bothered me was my red eyes. I started to really miss my bright blue ones- everyone always told me they were one of a kind. What do you think sweetheart? Leslie says softly. The whole family looks at me expectantly. I smile a little, leaning into the mirror. I'm......finally beautiful. I say in awe, tilting my face. You were always beautiful. Derrick says softly behind me. I look at my eyes again. I miss having blue eyes. I say quietly, running a hand through my hair. These red ones are really starting to freak me out. They laugh. You'll get used to it, sweet cheeks. Seth says seductively, winking. Leslie scowls at him. They'll go away in about 6 months to a year. I widen my eyes. A whole year of having a radar on my face? Leslie nods. What about Seth, why are his eyes still red? Leslie glances at him so quickly, it looks like she just blinks. We found Seth last month. She says quietly. Well, Lena did. What do you mean by found? I ask in monotone, stepping forward. Watch it. Seth says quietly, red eyes blazing. Lena takes in a breath. I was running away. I had a fight with Lance and Leslie. She glances at them briefly. So I took off. Then when I reached Canada, I decided to turn back. That's when I saw Seth. He had two punctures in his neck and he was shaking, in the transformation of becoming a vampire. I tried to take out the venom, but it was too late. So I picked him up and carried him back here. She pulls her hair to her shoulder. But.....on the way back we got attacked. This must've been news because everyone, looks at her, waiting. That's why it's easier to kill me then the rest of you. I don't know why, it should've healed by now, but my head's wobbly. So another vampire could easily decapitate me. She looks at her sneakers, putting her hands between her legs. It's silent for a moment. Seth's voice was hard and his eyes were flaming red. You never told me that. His voice sounded deep and dangerous. Seth. Lance says warningly. He ignores him. Why didn't you leave me? He asks. Huh? He starts to yell. Why didn't you just let me die, huh? Why not Lena? Why not?! Because I love you! She shrieks, rattling the house. She breathes in and out hard. Look Seth. She states, eyes closed. He stares at her, unmoving. Kylie's head pops up and she gapes at Lena. Ryder growls and flies out the door. Her face scrunches in pain. Ryder! She darts after him.

Before the family thinks about going after them, A vicious sensation scratches my throat, and I frown uncomfortably. My throat burns. I say. Why? Kylie rolls her eyes. You're thirsty, brainless. She says with a duh voice. Ever read any books about us? I run a hand nervously through my hair. I read the first and second books of twilight....... They groan at the same time. That series is a piece of shit. Derrick scoffs, shaking his head. We have to go after them! Leslie says, worry lacing her voice. Seth, do something! Seth was holding Kylie, rocking her gently. She was talking about brother and sister. He says, steely. Not love you idiots. Leslie stares at Kylie. Kylie, honey, you heard her thoughts. What was she thinking? Kylie purses her lips and swallows. She was thinking about the night. The night she found him in the snow. Then strong emotions flooded her senses.....then they're replaced. Then she thinks of Ryder, kissing, and holding, stuff like that. Then she takes out Ryder.....and replaces it with Seth. Seth inhales sharply. She wanted to see what it'd be like. Then she sharply rebukes the idea. But she doesn't love you baby. Like that kind of love. She felt feelings for you when she found you, but then afterwards, it turned completely platonic. You sure? Seth sounds worried. Kylie nods. Yeah. He grins playfully again. Then let's go after 'em! The burning in my throat gets stronger. Um, guys? Bloodsucker over here is pretty thirsty. Lena rolls her eyes. Pick up something on the way! With that they dart out the door, and I have no choice but to follow too.

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