Amber Wilson is an average teenage girl that thinks she's on top of the world. Her parents finally let her go on a skiing trip in Seattle with her two best friends, Dylan and Julie. Then she gets captured by a vampire and changed into a vampire, and there's no going back. What happens when the vampires decide to keep her? Why does she want to die? What happens to Amber when the police investigate where she is? What happens when a boy that she's convinced is a monster changes all of that?


3. Impossible

I'm spinning and screaming as I flip in utter darkness. I try to grab hold on, to scratch, anything. But it's no use. I keep on tumbling down, the wind howling in my ears as I'm being tossed around like a rag doll. How long would it take somebody to fall seven miles? I clutch my beanie onto my head needing something, anything to hold on to. When they find my body, I want them to see me gripping my hat, thinking Amber Wilson is strong. She found something to hold onto. I don't know why, but I just wanted it to be that way. For some reason, even though I was heading towards imminent death, I couldn't stop screaming. My throat was already sore from where Patrick choked me. I doubted that anyone could hear my screams now. Then I hit something. Hard. I hear a loud crack and my neck snaps back. A pained groan escapes my lips. I should've died on impact! I could barely breathe; I could already tell my neck and my spine were broken. I'm sitting there, my chest barely going up and down, when a boy hovers over me. He holds my hand, dark brown bangs falling into his face. His Amber eyes were full of worry. Whats your name? He asks feebly. His voice sounded like a perfect blend of deep bells. I would spend the little life I had left in me with this perfect boy. For all I knew, I was dead already. Amber. I breathe. He nods. Well I'm Derrick, and I'm going to help you. He lifts me up and seems to start......running. He barely gets to his feet before I black out.

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