Amber Wilson is an average teenage girl that thinks she's on top of the world. Her parents finally let her go on a skiing trip in Seattle with her two best friends, Dylan and Julie. Then she gets captured by a vampire and changed into a vampire, and there's no going back. What happens when the vampires decide to keep her? Why does she want to die? What happens to Amber when the police investigate where she is? What happens when a boy that she's convinced is a monster changes all of that?


9. Fangs

My breath catches and I pretend that I didn't hear him. He walks closer, face paler. "Amber.......why are you here? What happened to you? Your parents are looking for you!" I stare at him like he's lost his mind. "Excuse me, do I know you?" He raises his eyebrows at my voice but doesn't walk away. "Amber." He says through his teeth. I slam my hands on the table and stand up, glad for my blue contacts so my red eyes didn't blaze at him. "Look kid." I growl. "Is it that you want my number? My name? Well, nice to meet you, I'm Alison. I don't know who the heck you're talking about. I'm sorry that your friend's missing, I really am, but if you could be polite as to fuck off?" Tyler's eyes grow wide. He shakes his head and storms out of the cafe. I collapse into the booth, holding myself as I start to shake uncontrollably. My parents......the cops.......leaving the coven was a terrible idea. Derrick returns from the bathroom smiling until he sees me. He's at my side in a second, holding me carefully. "Amber, what's wrong? "I push out of his grip and pick up my purse. "It was a mistake leaving." I whisper, turning around and marching back to the house. As soon as we hit the trees, I take off running, happy that I was a newborn so I could get rid of Derrick. Blood from all the animals pounded around me, my throat burning fiercely. I ignored it, sprinting back to the coven. Everything was a mistake. I could never leave them ever without somebody recognize me. What happens if I lead the cops back to the pack house? They'd never forgive me. Did I have to go rouge?

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