Zombie Street

This is a new Zombie Story for the competition about Zombie Awareness Week! Enjoy!


11. Returned

Dear Diary,


It's weird. It's been exactly three years since the Zombie disaster, and today when I woke up in the bed next to Chelsea and Yasmin, I had the sudden urge to write. So I did. And I am now. 

The world is still readjusting. Every Zombie or Walker or Infected Being have been burnt, so they definitely aren't coming back. Shops are starting to reopen after all the riots. TV is coming back to life. Even cars are starting to become essentials again.

It's strange being home. Blood stained walls, moldy floorboards - upstairs can't be used for a long time seeing as everything has collapsed. Crimes on a low. Everyone who escaped from prison are either dead or hiding, and it seems every person in the whole of England right now is helping everyone else. I mean, besides the fact that the Infection spread to America, Africa and pretty much everywhere else, people are getting on.

Yasmin's mum's fine now. She lives with us. She's like a mum to us. The whole gang live here actually, and it works out well.

At least they know I feel at ease since I found out the last cure.

But just to be sure...


Who would have known that a piece of my skin was the last ingredient for such a potion?


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