Zombie Street

This is a new Zombie Story for the competition about Zombie Awareness Week! Enjoy!


2. New Night

Dear Diary,

I should have kept track of the days. It would have at least made me sane. I don't know why I didn't think of keeping a diary at first, I mean, I could have remembered everything before it turned so... violent. The world is in ruins. We live in an abandoned mental home right now, on the top floor, all of the doors secured with old cabinets, rickety beds and shoe boxes. It's all we can do to stop them getting in.

I'm not alone, though. On the day everything happened I found my best friend amongst the scared crowds, and we've stuck together ever since. We couldn't leave town when everybody else could. My parents had gotten lost, I think they've left. Chelsea thinks the same thing. But it's okay though, were surviving. We've got a small team, too. It's me, Chelsea, Eddy, Small Jim, Lucy and Tegan. Tegan and Lucy are twin sisters and are twenty five, so they aren't too bad at keeping us safe. Lucy joined the army for a while and managed to smuggle some guns. Eddy came alone, but his fractured his ankle. He's forty-five. He can't leave the asylum to collect food, but he's healing pretty fast. Give it a few days and he'll be on his feet. Small Jim is thirty three. He's holding up well. Despite his height, he's good at everything to do with thinking. He can make handy contraptions to get us out of trouble. He taught Chelsea and I to break locks with our fingers. It's a neat trick.

It's getting dark now. We'll be moving in the morning. Our town is right near London. They've built big iron fences that reach up to the sky, to stop the infected ones getting in. We jump building roofs, although Eddy does struggle, but we manage fine. It's safer being up there. It's vicious on the ground. Sometimes we find the odd survivor. They don't survive very long down there, though. Sometimes we have to witness them getting ripped to pieces. Chelsea cries but I suck it up. Were the two teens in this together. 

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